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Zambian Music “The Untold Story” .

“Music In Zambia And Music OF Zambia”

The word “Zambian music”  for Music OF Zambia is a term in every corner of the Country. Music in Zambia, This represents unit among music lovers and just how talented is Zambia.

Zambian music is found in the so-called “banjo” tradition. “banjo” is essentially a homemade guitar.

But let us start by first covering foundation of “Zambian music”.


Zambia is located in southern Africa. Sharing borders with Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia , and Angola.

Population concentrated in Lusaka and the Copper belt Province. These core economic hubs of the country.


The country was inherited by the Xhosa people. Bantu expanded in the land. The Europeans took the country.

Barotseland and North Eastern were merged in 1911. This formed Northern Rhodesia, later changed to Zambia. Zambia became independent On 24 October 1964. Doctor Kenneth Kaunda became the inaugural president.

Birth Of Music In Zambia

Music in Zambia is rooted in the old Traditional music. This consisted of deep Zambian beliefs, and practices of various groups. Practices exist in traditional ceremonies. People sing in local languages and dance.

Traditional music provides ritual, purposes and expression of culture. Songs used to teach, healing and for enjoyment. Zambian Producers today use drums and other instruments.

Traditional drums are evident in Zambian music. Brings about influences seen in Zambian musical forms. Traditional charm is in every Zambian song.

Kalindula was the first form of Zambian music . People used traditional drums and guitars

Zambian Music And Dancing

Zambia’s culture has been part of modern society. Adapts its foundation from traditional dancing.

represents uprising of cultural villages and private museums. Introduced dance is part of Zambian cultural expression.

Zambian Music And Dancing

It embodies beauty and spectacle of life in Zambia. A long journey from drums to Kamangu drum.

Used to announce the beginning of Malaila traditional ceremony. “Zambian dance came a long way”.

And serves as a unifying factor bringing the people together”.

Traditional Zambian Instruments

Drums are essential for most traditional dances. The membranous, both stick struck and hand struck. Generic central African term for drum is Ngoma ,

Zambian drums come in sizes, shapes, and purposes. They have specific names. This depends on their tribal origins and functional roles.

Nyeele played using an interlocking technique. Individual musicians each play a single horn and interlocking with other musicians.

Music In Zambia

Tonga, for example, have the budima drums of the Valley. Used for funeral ceremonies specifically. Friction drum struck at all with a head that is rubbed.

And the silimba a large xylophone from Western Province. The use of traditional instruments has declined in years. Drums now exist only in rural areas of Zambia.

Recordings Of Traditional Zambian Music

Music In Zambia Tracey recorded all over Zambia in the 1950s. Specifically recorded in the Zambezi Valley in 1958. made by Hugh Tracey and Arthur Morris Jones.

Recent music work has been done by Zambians. such as Mwesa Mapoma and Joseph Ng’andu.

Corbeil documented instrumentals of the Bemba in Northeastern Zambia. Catholic missionaries and Frank Wafer also contributed. Improved the knowledge of traditional Zambian music.

Recent field recordings made by native Zambian. Producing compilations of hits from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Public Media

Zambia Broadcasting Service promoted popular music. Affiliated bands like Lusaka Radio, Recording companies soon formed . Radio stations give massive support to local music, than foreign music.

The National Broadcasting Co-Operation ZNBC, MUVI TV, Prime TV etc. These have been major factors in promoting Zambian music.

Evolution Of Zambian Music

In 1970s music on the radio had to be Zambian. This encouraged national identity for Zambian music.

Due to influence of pop music, kalindula music existed. Bands formed, still considered as best kalindula bands.

Recessions of the 1990s, Caused the collapsing of Zambian music. Promoting of Zambian music became slow. The airwaves filled with foreign music.

Zambian Music Today

Zambia Association of Musicians is a board for the Music Industry in Zambia. Today, guitars, drums thats mostly used. Used by many new artists who came up with different music styles. Current artists have revolved local music by fully adapting to the western foreign style. The industry has been on the horizon, with Zambian Top Music Hits been unveiled every year.

Zambian Musicians

Electronic instruments now been manufactured producing a highly advanced beats. This is done by using FL Studio, a software for making beats and Q base for recording among others. The truth, the old Traditional Zambian music, will always exist. Download Zambian Music All Songs, Videos, Latest Articles and more

Top Zambian Musicians

A few among Zambian musician’s today still play and perform live music. These are artists like Petersen Zagaze, Danny Kaya, T Sean, Pompi, Ephraim, Chef 187, Slap Dee, Macky 2 etc. Part of this movement known as the Zambian music Industry.

Runell, Kayo, General Ozzy, OC, Ruff Kid, CQ, Paula Chisenga , Dandy Krazy, JK, T Bwoy ,Dambisa, DJ Cosmo, Chef 187, Zone Fam, Jay Rox, etc.

These musicians, have been part of the driving wheal. Some of these artist’s, have managed to be among the richest and most highly paid musician in Zambia.

 These are a few among many top musicians Zambia has today. The above introduced styles like ZedHipHop and Zed Dancehall. Dunkadunka brought in by macky 2 and Dandy Krazy (Kopala Swag).

ZedMusic now the most popular, and receiving good reception in Zambia. Cleo Ice Queen, Kaladoshas and others brought in the Afrobeats style. The style used by Nigerian musicians and enabling Zambia to redefine the African Tune.

Zambia Gospel Music

Gospel music in Zambia and its influence can be heard churches. By Christian musicians like chileshe bwalya, Able Chungu, Pompi, Esther Chungu and more.

These have made gospel music the popular realm.

For Zambian gospel Music In Zambia, Kings also been among the influences also evident. Among the Seventh-day Adventist Church, a unique system of notation used to transmit hymns.

The system was imported into Africa by the British in the nineteenth century. Hymns from British and American hymnals continue to be part of the musical fabric. Many churches, and many harmonic practices are derived from Western hymn influences

Recording Labels

Zambia has Successful and operational studios today. These are Ben Blazer, G-sounds, Alpha Entertainment, Romaside entertainment and Sling beats. Also on the list is Brave Only Music, Fresh Boy Music, X.Y.Z Entertainment etc.

Zambian Music Awards

Popular musicians, producers and more are highly appreciated at annual events. Such as Kwacha Music Awards, CBC viewer’s Choice awards, Zambian music awards,

Zambian Music Awards

Born and Bred awards and the annual Ngoma Awards. The Ngoma Awards amount to a Zambian version of the all-Africa Kora Awards.

Zambian Music Websites

With the formulation of blogs, portals and music websites. Music promoting has become vast, eliminating the old way of promoting music, which had to be done through distributing of promo CD’S.

Zambian Music Blog

With advanced media, musicians use social platforms to promote music. if not top Zambian music websites like EchoMuscBlog.Com, Indimba, etc.

Providing a vast sphere for Zambia Songs, and a free platform to Download Zambian Mp3 AudioVideos, latest news and biography, Download latest African Music, free Zambian Music and Videos.

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