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Zambian Music Videos 2017/2018.

Zambian’s thriving artists. It’s a stellar line up of some truly impressive visuals. Appreciation for the Videos created by Zambian music video directors. Not forgetting stylists, creative directors, backup dancers, etc.

Check out our Zambian Music Videos that have come out so far in 2017.

10. Rich Bizzy Ft Tiye P

(Bye Official Video)

This music video concept and the costuming is great. Rich Bizzy and Tiye P properly executed this one and made it to be among the flyest videos in Zambia today.


9. Tiye P

(You Skeem I Feel Laka Official Video)

No doubt about Tiye P and his stature in Hip Hop. He has propelled by artistic ego, built an increasingly huge fan and impossible to stop. Enjoy Visuals for You Skeen I Feel Laka.


8. Paul Da Prince X Kp Illest

(“Slow Motion”  Official Video)

What a come back this was for (Paul Munanjala) popularly known as Paul Da Prince , Featuring Kenyan born Namibian based Hip-Hop Kp Illest in Slow Motion .


7. URBAN Hype FT Kagwe Mungai

(Paloma Remix Official Video)

Urban hype came up with paloma Remix, a final description as what appears to be the group doing a perfect refining music job. Great formations of dance in this Video and all done better for this video.



6. Jay Cash Ft Ray & Chef 187

(Tyoka Official Video)

Jae Cash’s claim to being a Zambian ‘Sound God’ cannot be disputed. His debut single, Tyoka, is a truly outstanding ‘afro-fusion’ a song which ought and get more praise. And has been making none stop aiwaves.


 5. Muso Meyers Ft Slap Dee & Koby

(Twalibelela Offical Video)

These past months have been full of hot music videos. Muso Meyers recruited the XYZ boss slap dee and Kobby. To bring the fans what they did not anticipate, “Twalibelela”. A song song and Video in the same Week. The Visual credit for this one again goes to Dj Lo.


4. Cleo Ice Queen

(Xo Fever)

The Zambian Rap Queen Cleo Ice Queen came back, again with another undeniable video for “Xo Fever”.


3. Roberto Ft Mdee

(Vitamin U Official Video)

After One In Million Roberto brought us this smash hi, and the Video featuring the model Vanessa Mdee. The focus of the video and picture is amazing, not forgetting the song it’s self. Roberto is just an amazing musician. That all we can say, no other way round. Enjoy!


2. T Low Ft Mumba Yachi

(Because Of You Official Video )

Everyone loves this song Zambia and not forgetting it features one of the best vocal old timer specialist Mumba Yachi. The Video is amazing, bears meaning and adds up to what is feet to be defined as a best Video.


1. T Sean Ft T-Bwoy

(Don’t Lead Me On Official Video)

In T Sean’s Video whose voice has a real sparkle that serves well in many different beats. It’s the latter T Sean and T Bwoy and is a perfect and our Number 1 fantastic Video for 2017.


The producer for this music Video DJ Lo took much time, in perfecting it, Properly utilized the locations, perfect color balancing and great dancing by the dancers.

If you don’t agree with this Video chart showing Top 10 Best Trending Zambian Music Videos of 2017/2018 So Far.

Please leave a comment down below and a reason why.

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