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Do we really have a music industry In Zambia? – EMB

Help us discuss this topic, but below is our perspective and this is not aiming to criticize or blame, but to enlighten and hear your different views. Hopefully in the end come up with a solution to help benefit our music industry.

I think its about about time our so called Zambian music industry really became an industry. First of all whats an industry? An industry is a major source of income for either a person company or an organization. But just how many musicians make good money here is Zambia? i think we really need to do something about our so called industry. We can blame it on piracy, but you and i both know that even in America piracy exists. So whats the problem? 
Well one thing we must understand is that, Nigeria and south Africa have worked for what they have, so lets not even be complaining about our videos not been showcased compared to these other countries.

How many TV stations for music are in Nigeria? live talk shows, reality shows for musicians, radio stations, arenas etc? In simple terms all i can say is that our country lacks resources to boost the music industry. Someone out there had to boost the Nigerian movie and music industry you see today. The south African government and other private parastatals invested and are still investing in the industry. Just check how many companies endorse there musicians and sponsor there shows. There is no season, through out the year these musicians make money. They just truly value and understand that music is an industry in these countries.

It pains me that Runtown is already worth more than $2.5 million USD, Not to mention Yemi Alade, Wizkid, Davido, Tiwa Savage and many more.Our country need resources, only then will our beloved musicians start making good money. I feel in a year a country like Zambia, with vast talented musicians at hand, should at least be having a minimum of 7 awards. And by 7 i mean well paying music awards, inclusion of international exposure.

Someone needs to come in and help our musicians reach a level of having international tours or just an African tour and make them blow internationally. And these should include awards for upcoming musicians and video awards to appreciate artists. We have mines in Zambia and other industries, why don’t they step in at pump some money in our music industry? This ain’t 1964 its 2019. Americas biggest source of income other than arms dealing, oil and other things its music and producing movies. Its about time you musicians who meet with government officials started discussing what should be done to help our music industry. Because when you benefit and become rich, even us bloggers we will become major..
No hard feelings, its just an idea!
Source: Echomusicblog.com Team✌️

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  1. I blame media and Zambian people who cant appreciate Zambian entertainment. Speaking of the gvnt it has formed a board under the ministry of tourism of which i guess wrong people belong to the committee because it’s got no/less influence like they lack strategies. If only media works with passion it can easily influence Zambians to support the industry despite the population.

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