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Mr P Vs Rude Boy (P-Square) Whose new songs are better Peter or Paul?

Well, by now It’s no secret that Africa’s most popular duo, P-Square, Peter and Paul Okoye have gone their separate ways. This is not an article to compare the two brothers because we all by now know, One Man did not make P-Square but two.

But I think you may also agree with me that ever since the division, Mr P’s music and style is now different to what his Brother Rude Boy is doing.

So the main goal of this article is to properly analyse the 2 Brothers solo music and style, to see which one really still stands a chance of producing hit music not just in Nigeria but the world.

Rude Boy ( Paul Okoye) still sounds like P-Square and Mr P (Peter), well in his latest debut song “For My Head” sounded like Techno. But the music Video is definitely beyond reckon.


Peter Okoye released his latest debut single entitled ‘For My Head’. A follow up of a song released by his brother, Paul now Rude Boy entitled, ‘Fire Fire.

They all now have a new management teams, and both equally released solo singles . ‘Look into my eyes‘ by Mr P and ‘Cool It Down’. Similarly, Paul Okoye, released his own debut titled, “Call heaven”, ‘Inkenji Keke’ and ‘Fire Fire’.

In his song, Paul who now preferred to be called ‘Rudeboy’. He lamented the death of their parents and how it has affected the unity of ‘P-Square’. But one thing for certain is that, ‘Brothers’ will forever be ‘Brothers’.

Everyone is now sensing the tension between the two twins Mr P Vs Rude Boy . Its like there is a race to win the hearts of the P-Square fans.

The most pressing thought in the minds of music lovers is who among the two talented Brothers will still rock the Nigeria entertainment industry better. And keep the P Square legacy alive. Do you think it’s Mr P or Rude Boy?

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But we await to see the day when Peter and Paul will do a song together again but in the meantime, it still remains a battle of the Brothers.


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  1. Mr P songs most downloaded in Nigeria for past week as number 1 songs over 20,000 while nkeji keke came second just over 10,000 @ naija pals.

  2. All sounds good and there music is still entertaining but Mr.P sounds rilly Unique in his singing thus compared to Mr.Rude-boy.. Mr.P is promising

  3. Rude boys songs are the best. He still gives us what we miss in Psquare, and that’s unique. It shows he was really all out when they were together, holding nothing back.

  4. Rudeboy is the best becouse his songs are charming, inspiring and heart-cooling due to his skills and talent in singing.

    Even paul can dance but don’t compare ‘Dancing machine’ with captivating p square legend (paul okoye).

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