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Top Zambian Gospel Musicians / Gospel Celebrities

INTRODUCING THE POWER OF CHRIST AND SALVATION THROUGH MUSIC. Is what gospel music is about. I relate to many Zambian gospel singers and enjoy their songs.

This post is for Top Zambian Gospel Singers and Gospel Artists doing true Christian music. Music from the names below, influenced me to come to God. Their are great singers in every way.

1. Ephraim


Although all the tenors that sang in Zambia are very talented, Ephraim has outshines them all in my opinion.

The richness and diversity of his voice is reckon and his devotion to the Lord is unmistakable as he shares his God given gift of music and believe me.

I grew up in a musical family and I know good music when I hear it. Ephraim anointing simply flows, the words of his worship shows God has richly blessed him, to share his love through your music Read More.


2.King Malembe Malembe

Zambian Gospel Artists / Celebrities

Just listen to him sing the old hymns and you will know what I mean, especially Holy, Holy, Holy. Just a pure, sweet voice with a large vocal range. He is without doubt among the Best Male Gospel Singer of the past two decades. He is the best singer or minister of all times.


Zambian Gospel Artists / Celebrities

There are many many talented gospel artist’s in the world but not one of them holds a candle to Reuben. Reuben is everything wrapped into 1. He has a range that takes your breath away. He holds notes so long that leaves you sitting there in amazement wondering how is that possible? You feel the spirit of God flowing through Reuben as he sings.

The words that Reuben puts on paper and the musical arrangements that go with those words leave no doubt that he has clearly been anointed by God above to bring his ministry to as many places across the globe as possible. He is a perfect roll model to many Zambians today.

4.Able Chungu

Zambian Gospel Artists / Celebrities
Able Chugu

No one can compare to Able Chungu . Among the Best of the Top 10 Gospel Zambian Singers of All Time. With Able Chungu ‘s great and awesome tenor voice, he could make the rafters ring.

Able Chungu uses his God given talent, his voice and singing to praise God, he gives God the glory and through his songs he tells others about God, Jesus Christ.

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5. Deborah-C

Zambian Gospel Artists / Celebrities

Is there any there choice BUT Deborah!? Truly the “Voice” of Christian music. Beautiful person, blessed with incredible gift, amazing entertainer and always giving back. Nowander, she is among the top Gospel Artists.

Over the years, her music has continued to be part of my spiritual journey. Often times, the only way God could speak to my heart was through her music. Truly a blessing. Deborah is #1, top of the list, best of the best, class act in my book.

6. Racheal Nanyangwe

Zambian Gospel Artists / Celebrities

I know a lot of people are talking about the performer Racheal Nanyangwe. However I want to talk about the genuine person behind “The Voice”.  honored to know such a great Christian Zambian Musician. Racheal Nanyangwe is truly one of a kind person and so blessed.

To me Racheal Nanyangwe is and always will be the Greatest Zambian Christian artist there ever been. She is #1 with me! Never met her but I don’t need to her music not only brings me close to God and Jesus.

7. Chileshe Bwalya

Zambian Gospel Artists / Celebrities
Chileshe Bwalya

Chileshe Bwalya is one of the most anointed Gospel Artists I’ve had the privilege to see and hear. Her ministry is unlike no other. I’ve sat there and watch as it seemed you could see the anointing dripping off of her. Her humble heart and openness about her life’s story makes her such a tremendous minister of the gospel.

I’ve heard many say that their lives have been changed thanks to Chileshe Bwalya allowing God to move through her, to reach people who otherwise have no hope. Chileshe Bwalya‘s ministry stands alone. God has a special anointing on this lady to reach lost and hurting souls. God bless you Chileshe Bwalya.

8. Regina Mwanza

Zambian Gospel Artists / Celebrities
Regina Mwanza

Regina Mwanza has been in gospel music for a while, and she keeps getting better. Regina Mwanza is the best for making Becoming and new singles. If we’re talking about those who made gospel songs into radio play, beginning the move of contemporary Christian music being played and sung outside of church then we are certainly talking Regina MwanzaAlso Read Skili J Ft Regina Mwanza – Thank You Lord

Worthy Mentions On The Top Gospel Artists

  • Pompi
  • The Proof
  • Solomon Plate
  • Mag44
  • Mas B
  • Esther Chungu
  • Olivia
  • Lydia
  • Mweshi Mulusa
  • Papa Bruno
  • Jojo Mwangaza

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(Written By Mas B Zambia)


Mr B

I stand at the highest level of music, I breath music, and Its an everyday endeavour to bring you classic tunes across African borders, including stories making headlines in the showbiz today. If it's about music, then I have you covered my class!

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