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Top 5 Zambian Celebrities And Their Cute Kids (With Photos)

Most Zambian Celebrities are not in the custom of exposing their children for the world to see. If that was the case, then this list would be of at least 50 children, photos from top Zambian acts in the industry. Either way, I have compiled a list of the kids i could find. Below are the kids from some of our local artist. “Thank for sharing these beautiful images”.

1.T Sean

T Sean And His Cute Kid
Zambian Celebrities and Their Cute Kids (With Photos)

Wow! I was trilled to learn the dance hall musician T Sean now has a child. This shows the notion, “gone are the days when it was a rare privilege to know Zambian celebrities children”. Thanks T Sean for sharing this picture with us.


Wacheda's Kids
Zambian Celebrities and Their Cute Kids (With Photos)

The Zambian music iron lady “Wacheda” has 2 girls and expecting the third child. What brings the joy is seen just how much Wacheda is obsessed with these children. No one would think of her been a celebrity. Also Read : Reintroducing Wacheda.

3.Slap Dee

Zambian Rapper Slap Dee And His Kid "Nandi"
Zambian Celebrities and Their Cute Kids (With Photos)

Am sure you may have heard the name “Nandi” been mentioned in most songs by Slap Dee. Well, that’s the young beauty queen. Slap Dee’s kid has already started showing early signs of interest in the showbiz world. We just hope this princess will follow the fathers music career footsteps.

 3.Cleo Ice Queen

Cleo Ice Queen And Her Kids
Zambian Celebrities and Their Cute Kids (With Photos)

The Zambian Rap Queen is a mother of two girls. The smallest is the child Cleo Ice Queen has with Singer Kaladoshas. Thanks to social media for making it easier for these celebs to flaunt their adorable kids for fans and the industry in which they thrive. Read more about Cleo Ice Queen And Kaladoshas

5.Macky 2

Zambian Celebrity Macky 2 And His Cute Kid
Zambian Celebrities and Their Cute Kids (With Photos)

Macky 2 and his wife Hatinga are like Jay Z and Beyonce’s Blue Ivy. Macky 2 finally shared photos for his newly born baby “Faith”. The baby girl fans could not wait to set eyes on. Macky 2 And Hatinga set a record of having one the most expensive wedding in Zambia. Estimated to worth at least 100 thousand kwacha.

It’s only fitting that Zambian celebrities have really ridiculously adorable kids. Proving that, beautiful and handsome people make more beautiful people.


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