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Chef 187 Top 5 Underestimated Songs From The Album “Amnesia”.

Chef 187 Top 5 Underestimated Songs From The Album Amnesia, which Chef 187 launched together with his clothing in Lusaka on 23rd of December 2016.

The Album has been on fire without any or few critics negatively passing comments on the Album. But we feel not all the Songs got the Same impression from the copala sabala’s loyal fan base. Some loved other songs  due to the fact that we defer in preference.

I just really can’t get it of my chest that most of, “Chef 187 Top 5 Underestimated Songs From The Album Amnesia” are actually so great. Chef 187 launched his new album on the follow up show in the Copper belt which took place at Insomnia Club in Kitwe opposite Sacred heart school,

near Mama Africa Kitwe. Chef 187  went deep in this Album as most songs talk about the Zambian peoples life style and embarked on a big journey of hip-hop featuring a variety of Artist’s in most of the tracks. Chef 187 Top 5 Underestimated Songs From The Album Amnesia are below.

Chef 187
chef 187


1.Download Intro (Betrayal)

2.Download No Mukanwa ft. Drifta

3. Download Twikalafye Umuku Umo 

4.Download Product of My Environment ft. Macky 2 & Jedi

5.Download Outro Bless My Hustle ft I Ceaser

Hip-hop fans enjoy Chef 187 ‘s Amnesia Album to the fullest because it includes dance tunes.

Below is a list of other songs from Album “Amnesia” in their original order.

2. Winning ft Willz

3. Dockate ft. Petersen
4. House Party Muka 1 Room
5. Ma Years ft. Daev
6. Good Teacher Bad Kasukulu
7. Kushumfwa Kushumwafye
8. Mundowe Ndowe ft Dope G & Mumba Yachi
11.Complicated ft. Low
12.Can’t Wait To Tell You I Told Ya

14. Amnesia Nakalimo Nimpya
15. Zero To Zali ft. Jay Rox


17. Angelina ft. Silent Erazer
18. Twikalafye Umuku Umo By Coziem ft. Chef 187

The Amnesia Album in the year 2017 stands out to be an Album full of hit songs which simply shows how talented is Chef 187. Continue enjoying the “Amnesia” and also don’t forget to check out the latest Zambian music.

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