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Macky 2 – Biography, Who Is He? Quick Facts

Mark Mulaza Kaira (born 10 October 1984), also known as Macky II, Macky 2, MK, Dj Bugar, and Flava Boy. He is a Zambian hip hop musician, singer, and producer. He is known for participating in the ninth season of Big Brother Africa, where he managed to win third in the competition.

Chingola is Macky 2’s home town in Zambia, founder of a none governmental organization called Hope Foundation, which supports orphans and vulnerable children.Elder brother of a versatile Kondwani Kaira known as Chef 187. Married to Haantinga and with a female child by the name of “faith”.

Read Top 5 Zambian Celebrities And Their Cute Kids (With Photos), also check this article titled Up close With Zambian Rapper Chef 187 to know more about Mulaza Kaira’s brother and Chef 187 Top 5 Unforgettable Songs Of 2018 So far. Chef 187 is a popular Zambian musician and the two have performed together on stage multiple times.

Mulaza Kaira (Macky 2’s) Music Career

Started music during his early childhood after attending the Catholic Church in Ndola. Later relocated to Ndola, then Lusaka and released his album Ndimupondo under Alpha Entertainment and J-Kayo.   I am The President and Number 1 Fan, received radio play and were positively received by the listening community. Later won the Zambia Music Award for Album of The Year in 2013, and In 2014 became nominated in the Zambia Music Awards. This included categories of Best Mainstream Artist, Best Hip Hop.  D’banj’s of DB Records wanted to sign him but he said no due to the conditions of the contract. The issue of the contract it is said that they wanted him to vacate to Nigeria and release his first single at Valentine’s Day in 2016.

Big Brother Africa 9 

Big Brother Africa, Mulaza Kaira contestant during the ninth season of this show Big Brother hotshots. Survived in the house while he received a substantial amount of support from his fans and Zambians. Managed to reach the ninth week and final week, then took third place.

Awards, Albums And Popular Songs

2011 Radio 4 song of the year Born n Bred Awards- Mami (niuze)

2013 Album of the year Zambian Music Awards – Legendary

2015 Song of the year Zambia Music Awards Mama Rebecca

2016 Collabo of the year ZambiaMusic.Net Awards Lolo Lolo


  • Ghetto President (2018)
  • Legendary (2012)
  • Ndimupondo
  • Too Much Influence (2012)
  • Zero to Hero (2013)

Popular Songs

  1.  Feeling Feeling – 2012
  2. Nangu Banchinge – 2012
  3. Mukulu – 2012
  4. Without You – 2012
  5. Too Much Influence – 2012
  6. Ngani Gelo Wandi – 2012
  7. Pamaka – 2012
  8. Why – 2012
  9. Land Lord – 2012

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