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“Zambian Beat-Makers: The DJ’s Crafting Chart-Topping Hits!”

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Let me give you a fresh rundown of the most asked question, Who is the best music producer in Zambia? here is the list of the Zambian music producers who are killing the game and making some of the hottest beats around. These beat-makers are the real deal, bringing their own unique style and flavor to the Zambian music scene. From the veteran producers who have been in the game for decades to the up-and-comers who are making waves, these are the producers who are taking Zambian music to the next level. So sit back, turn up the volume, and let’s get into it!

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Tonny Breezy

Who is the best music producer in Zambia

Check it out, the man himself, Tony Breezy, holding it down in Kitwe city and crafting some seriously sick Zambian hip-hop and afrobeat’s. This guy has got skills for days, producing top-notch tracks for some of the biggest names in Zambian music like Chef 187, Slap Dee, and Macky 2. When you hear that signature “Tony Breezy Pon Di Mix” tag, you know you’re in for a treat.

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This legendary producer has even had a hand in creating some of the best albums out there, including Chef 187’s “Broke Nolunkumbwa“. Tony Breezy is a force to be reckoned with, and he’s putting Zambian music on the map, one banger at a time.

Dj Mzenga

Who is the best music producer in Zambia

DJ Mzenga Man has established himself as a premier producer of the Zambian hip-hop scene, thanks in large part to his tight partnership with one of the most prominent MCs in the game, Slap Dee. Not only has he been instrumental in crafting Slap Dee’s signature sound, but he’s also worked with a wide range of other talented artists, including up-and-coming hip-hop star Steve-O, known for his razor-sharp punchlines, as well as Petersen, Franciar, Alpha Romeo, 76 Drums, Nez Long, Bobby East, and many others. As Zed hip-hop continues to dominate the Zambian music scene and beyond, Mzenga Man has been carving out his own niche within the genre, earning widespread acclaim for his exceptional production skills and knack for crafting unforgettable beats.

Dj Baila a.k.a T – Sean

Who is the best music producer in Zambia

Listen up, because I’ve got the inside scoop on one of Lusaka’s hottest and most innovative producers, DJ Baila. This musical mastermind is a true jack-of-all-trades, known for his expert production skills across a wide range of genres, from hip-hop to dancehall to R&B. His list of collaborators is a who’s who of Zambian music royalty, including heavyweights like Chef 187, Slap Dee, Jae Cash, Juvic, Tiye P, T-Boy, Wezi, DJ Cosmo, Kayombo, and the legendary Macky 2 himself. If you’re looking for a beat with some serious sweet melodies, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Baila’s Bizzy Baila studio.

Dj Vjeezy

Who is the best music producer in Zambia

DJ Vjeezy, who is highly respected in the streets of Zambia, gained popularity through his well-arranged songs such as “Ichikupempula echikulya” featuring the talented artists Chef 187, Jack tha Fizzle, and Mic Burner. DJ Vjeezy, a household name in Zambia’s music scene, has earned himself quite the reputation over the years, and for good reason too. His exceptional talent as a DJ and music producer has been demonstrated time and time again through his awe-inspiring works.

Mr. Stash Beats

Who is the best music producer in Zambia

In recent years, Zambia’s music scene has experienced a surge of talent, with new artists and DJs emerging on the scene every day. One such talent that has caught the attention of music lovers across the nation is Mr Stash Beats, a fast-emerging DJ with an impressive knack for producing well-arranged tunes and impeccable beats.

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Mr Stash Beats, whose real name is Stanley Mwaba, hails from the city of Lusaka and has been making waves in the music industry for the past few years. His unique style and sound have captured the hearts of many, with his music attracting a loyal fan base both online and offline.

Eazy The Producer

Who is the best music producer in Zambia

One of the things that sets Eazy The Producer apart from other DJs is his ability to produce a wide variety of music genres. From hip hop to afrobeat, he is a master at blending different sounds and creating a unique musical experience for his listeners. His music has been described as an eclectic mix of African rhythms and contemporary beats, and it’s a sound that resonates with many.

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Eazy The Producer has also been commended for his dedication to the craft. He spends countless hours in the studio perfecting his beats and ensuring that every song he produces is of the highest quality. His attention to detail and commitment to excellence have earned him a reputation as one of Zambia’s most talented producers.


Who is the best music producer in Zambia

Kofimix, the super genius DJ of Zambia, is a rising star in the music industry. His unique style and talent have earned him a loyal fan base, and his music is enjoyed by people all around the country, grew up in a family that was passionate about music, and his love for music began at a very young age. As a child, Kofi would spend hours listening to his father’s extensive record collection, which included everything from African traditional music to jazz and soul.

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Kofimix’s music is a fusion of different genres, including Afrobeat, dancehall, and hip hop. He is known for his ability to mix different styles of music together seamlessly, creating a unique sound that is all his own. Kofimix’s music is characterized by its high energy, infectious beats, and catchy melodies.

Snizzy beatx Zm

Who is the best music producer in Zambia

DJ Snizzy Beatx ZM is a rising star in the Zambian music scene, with a talent for producing hit songs that have caught the attention of music lovers around the world. Based in the Copperbelt province, Snizzy is known for his collaborations with the world-renowned music entertainment group, World Wide Music Entertainments, which is managed by Y Celeb, the most influential artist in the province.

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Born and raised in Zambia, Snizzy’s love for music started at an early age. He grew up listening to a wide range of music, from traditional Zambian music to hip hop and R&B. As a teenager, Snizzy began experimenting with music production, using his computer to create beats and remixes of popular songs.

Ricore Tha Producer

Who is the best music producer in Zambia

DJ Ricore Tha Producer is a well-known name in the Zambian music industry, having produced hit tracks for some of the biggest names in the industry. He is a talented DJ, producer, and sound engineer, with a passion for music that has led him to become one of the most sought-after producers in Zambia.

DJ Ricore Tha Producer’s music is characterized by its unique sound, which blends different genres, including hip hop, R&B, and dancehall. He is known for his ability to create catchy hooks and memorable melodies that keep fans coming back for more.

Miles Came Along

Who is the best music producer in Zambia

DJ Miles Came Along, is a Zambian disc jockey who has been making waves in the entertainment industry in Zambia and beyond. He is a versatile DJ who can mix different genres of music including afrobeat, hip hop, and house music.

Miles is known for his high energy performances and his ability to get the crowd moving. He has a unique style of mixing that incorporates different elements of music, creating a seamless and exciting experience for his audience.

Mr. Turner

Who is the best music producer in Zambia

Jowell Kabwe, better known by his stage name Mr. Turner, is a talented Zambian DJ, music producer, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Bunny House Music Entertainments, a record label that has produced several hit songs in Zambia and beyond.

Mr. Turner started his music career in 2009 , playing at various events and parties in Zambia. He soon realized that he had a talent for producing music, and in 20014, he started producing his own beats and songs.

Some of the most popular songs produced under Bunny House Music Entertainments include “Amapalo” by Yazz Jimax featuring Mr. Turner, “Violence” by Hybride Pafilimba featuring Mr. Turner, “According” by Phenomenal (produced by Mr. Turner), “Wine Pon Me” by Mr. Turner featuring T-Sean, and “My Conscious E.P” by Mr. Turner (available for download).

Top 20 Zambian Songs.

1Chef 187 – Pettyson DakaDownload
2Triple M – Baoyo Mp3 (ft. Drifta Trek & Nacci Lp)Download
3King Illest ft. Y Celeb – Tatupi Faki SweboDownload
44 NA 5 – Banina AboDownload
5Chuzhe Int ft Jay Rox – MonalisaDownload
6Yo Maps – Kale WemunandiDownload
7Xaven – ConfidenceDownload
8Vinchenzo Ft Slapdee – MachimoDownload
9Dj Mzenga Man – 2022 End Of Year CypherDownload
10Triple M Ft Xaven – Tukafwaya BambiDownload
11Chile One – I Love YouDownload
12Macky – 2 – One man cypherDownload
13Aqualaskin – Lingo (Munkoyo)Download
14Aqualaskin – Ukunen’ga Ft James SakalaDownload
15Aqualaskin – Sate Sauzande BaeDownload
16T – Sean & Kekero – Embe AlbumDownload
17Kiss B Sai Baba ft. Muzo Aka Alphonso – WalambebushaDownload
18Y Celeb Ft. Super Kena – Fearless FreestyleDownload
19Y Celeb Ft Xaven x Super Kena – NkolweDownload
20Dope Boys – Alengolola Ft. Chef 187Download


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