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Dope G has been the best among many Zambian musicians we have today. Just a few days ago, the man dropped another Song entitled “Not my portion”.

Track “Not my Portion” is engineered and produced by Shinko beats the man behind Dope G’s ‘Best friends’ were in the he talks about how , in life, as people grow older and become successful in their careers end up loosing the touch of friends one actually thought they would have forever .

Dope G One third of Zambia’s famous rap group known as Zone fam, who is an actor with special appearance from the movie (love games ,fever) .

Dope G who just released his debut album ‘Flowers’ in January were we saw a number of delays .The first hit single for the His album was amazing and very infectious titled ‘My Hair’ , which was released in the year 2015.

Dope G


According to Dope G, “the Zambian music industry actually was lucking flowers and that His album was actually a symbol to show and allowing people to know that it was a big sign of germinating fruits and inside Dope G’s fruits are the seeds  those fruits you will find seed.”

Let me take you back a few months before the album was actually out, Dope G released the title track for the album ‘Flowers’ which hast most plays on his Riverbnation account. One wouldn’t know or notice the strength that Dope G has Prior to the release of ‘Flowers’.

Dope G

This album provided a big way for introducing the artist to the industry. In it Dope G actually shows that he is a very talented and creative wordsmith .The beat selection in tracks on the flowers album is a number one best top notch .

The album which is amazing and has a number of guest artists featuring in it, such as Roberto, Kaladoshas , Wilz , Wezi and more Zambian artists . All these artists actually add some fantastic extra spice to the songs they are featured on.

He comes up with songs for everyone , from love songs to club hits ,but Dope G is always at his best when he puts his heart on his sleeve and secedes to step on the microphone, and raps about his personal feelings and experiences.

Check Out Some Of His hits below.

[download id=”2322″] [download id=”2325″]

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