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Dope G Releases His Latest Single Debut “Not my portion”

Dope G From Flowers which has songs for everyone drops Not my portion , including from love songs to club hits ,but yet again decides at his best when he drops a surprise package to his most loyal fans and this time his heart led him to come up and dropped his most highly anticipated single debut “Not my portion”. Dope G Yesterday Released His latest Not my portion Single Prior from the release of ‘Flowers’ many didn’t actually know much and anticipated his strength as a Rapper.

The Song “Not my portion” is engineered and produced by Shinko beats the man behind Dope G’s ‘Best friends’ were in the he talks about how , in life, as people grow older and become
successful in their careers end up loosing the touch of friends one actually thought they would have forever .

Dope G

Dope G, apart from just been a rapper his verses on Zone Fam songs were just fantastic . This is an artist who has shown that he is a very talented and creative wordsmith to define Him in simple terms. One would not deny that the beat selection on the album is top notch . The album has a number of guest artists and All the artists add some extra spice to the songs they are featured on with the likes of artists such as Roberto , Kaladoshas , Wezi, Wilz and more .





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