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Cleo Ice Queen & Kaladoshas – “Umbrella” Has A Deep Meaning.

Cleo Ice Queen


Cleo Ice Queen the best Award winning Musician, started dating Kaladoshas, who is also known as The Field Marshal and among “the best” male Artist Zambia has today.

What baffles me is why should most people be against the couple? Especially now that Cleo Ice Queen and Kaladoshas have a beautiful daughter. “Love lies in the eyes of the beholder”, what we see is not how they see and feel for one another. Two songs so far have made me realize how these two have deeply gone in love.

The couple continues to tell us publicly how far they have fallen for one another by doing songs bearing true meaning to what’s actually happening in their life and relationship. Stories have been made up and some actually claim they may never get marred because the dating couple opted to go separate ways after Cleo Ice-Queen discovered that her man was a cheater.


Well, all I can say is “let’s wait and see what the future holds in store for kaladoshas and Cleo ice Queen”. Oxygen is the first song which actually proved certain perceptions people had to actually be wrong. And now Cleo Ice Queen and Kaladoshas drop us another one Titled “Umbrella”

“Olo zuba ingene”, “how be your umbrella”, “Bafuma ku onengeka va mushe”, Words from Kaladoshas. while Cleo Ice Queen went on to say this on social media,  “Olo Zuba ingene, Mfinzi(darkness) iwoneke, Mvula ibwele, nizankhala wako, wako my darling, i’ll be your UMBRELLA”. 

Cleo Ice Queen & Kaladoshas - “Umbrella”

In case you haven’t heard it yet, Check out Cleo Ice Queen & Kaladoshas – “Umbrella” [Prod By Shinko Beats]

To fully understand why we say. “the song has a deep meaning“.

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