What Do You Think Of Busiswa & Slap dee ‘s collaboration – “Ndize” (Throwback@Coke Studio) ?


Busiswa & Slap dee

Made many people’s mindset changed entirely after seen the all African Girl Busiswa & Slap dee – “Ndize” (Throwback@Coke Studio) on the same stage killing and slaying the African type Zambia & South African Kwaito beat.

The song was in a variety of languages, including Xhosa, Bemba and Nyanja in Slap Dee’s verse and and English added with a combination of Busiswa who is a new-age performance, a multi talented poet and among the best South Africa’s singers.

Busiswa & Slap dee got the fans seeking for more, and honestly speaking that was one of the best performances at Coke Studio 2017 because Her stage energy is infectious and out the African music vibe.

Slap Dee

Busiswa & Slap dee

who is a holder of more than 8 Zambian Music Awards and one of the only Zambian hip-hop artiste to ever actually manage and win the coveted Ngoma Award in Zambia.

And on the 30th September 2017. Slap Dee was among the Winners With More Trophies again at the recent past Kwacha Music Awards For 2017, therefore Slap Dee been one of those who walked out on the night with more trophies at the 2017 Kwacha Music Awards.

click to view the full winners list for Kwacha music Awards and to see how chef 187 and Slap Dee walked out as winners with More Trophies at Kwacha Music Awards 2017. Slap Dee, During an Interview with Kenny One the roof top host Slap Dee said, “The year 2017 is for many Artist’s to be reaching out and ensuring Zambian music gets to the rest of Africa”.

Slap dee always had big intentions to push his legacy to another next level and with a Golden chance given to him by Coke Studio’s Africa to explore and push his local hip-hop legacy to the rest of Africa, i’m now certain that Slap Dee can & will surely deliver.

Because all His dreams and wishes have been made possible after Slap Dee was Given a Golden Chance By Coke Studio’s. This is has been an open opportunity for Slap dee “Mwila Musonda” to actually deliver.

Slap dee has very much actually utilized the core values of Coke Studio were it aims to fully inspire and introduce Africa’s music talents like the way Slap Dee has now been exposed to the top African artist the world needs to see and listen to what they actually have to put on the table.

This is a new error for most Zambian musicians and at least each musician searches for a new and wider audience through new music, interaction, collaboration and cooperation among musical artists while at the same time, also building a strong brand and connection with Africa.

Because all what Africa wants is great music, music and music!!! Whether from Zambia or other parts of Africa Below is Busiwa and Slap Dee – “Ndize” live performance @ Coke Studio.


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