Why You Should Never Compare Slap Dee And Macky 2.

This discourse about Macky 2 And Slap Dee, being called Kings has been going for a long time now. Sadly, as if the above topic is not too much to chew.

macky 2

Slap Dee has also over the past few years adapted the name of being called a King. The fans over time have been ignorantly or deliberately put macky 2 & Slap Dee on the same page. Bringing a lot of confusion among the youths. Probably because die hard fans of the ‘Macky 2’.

And his music crooner really have enough things to say about Macky 2 and Slap Dee, can not go without having to put the two Zambian music icons on a weighing balance. Apparently, the latest reason fueling the very unfortunate comparison between Macky 2 and  Slap Dee comes due to Slap Dee’s latest appearance on the Coke Studio.

slap dee
Coke Studio

But as far as the story goes Macky 2 is one the first Zambian artist to have a sold out a lot of tickets during shows . Well, on the other hand. Slap Dee has a huge Social media following , especially Facebook.

They are now beyond the level of trying to look for fame, both are rich and and known almost in every part of the country. And among the Richest Zambian musicians today with high net worth.

It took time for them to finally make a name, but finally with baby steps and closely monitoring the game, following blowing tips.

Slap Dee and Macky become popular in the history of Zambian music than any other Zambian Rapper. Also Read: How to Blow In The Zambian Music Industry

The frenzy got born, when Zambian folks began placing Slap Dee as legendary of Hip Hop, a status Macky 2 ‘s also feel should be given to him. This one too many comparisons between Macky 2 and Slap Dee is at the moment unripe.

Firstly, all eulogies to Macky 2 for how much he has been able to accomplish in his decade long career in music.

What more can I say, Slap Dee also keeps hitting new milestones every year and sometimes we can only gap in to believe by checking his latest song making airwaves debut ‘Radio’. Also again managed to expand his long list of trophies under his belt.

Ascribing Macky 2 as a legend and more saddening picturing him in the same light as the man regarded as the founder of Zed Hip Hop Music and generator is shallow for the following reasons.

Both Macky 2 And Slap Dee Pioneered The Zed Hip Hop Genre.  

One of Macky 2′ biggest legacy is the innovation of the now locally recognized and curated genre of music classified as Dunka DunkA.

Dunka Dunka, which is directly linked to old Zambian music tunes. This is mainly a blend of Zed Beats and Zed Hip Hop, mixed with western Rap style and high life.

This resultant in a rich syrupy music many Zambian Artists like JK. now African and international artists have sampled west African Beats,

mixed a Dunka Dunka Zed Beat and produced great’s works on their music.

Macky 2’s Music Goes Beyond Youthful Expressions, Money And Infatuation.

Macky 2 uses his music not only for entertainment but consciously as a weapon. Best known for criticizing, uniting people,

talks about love, relationships and opposing ‘bad governing’ .

He and his Kopala Swag family, comprising of his younger brother Chef 187 keep making and producing hits over and over.

Slap Dee’s Music Is Just Beyond Reckoning

Slap Dee’’s entire discography has no song which stirs a certain consciousness like opposing ‘bad governing etc.

But Slap Dee’s music bears great recognition and has helped shape the Zambian Music Industry. And the man is also aiming higher each day that comes and does not know when to quit.


Well, welcome to the era of  music where he who owns the street is a king. And honestly speaking, social media is what makes these guys and the music they make hit.

Money is thrown around to help build or sustain an image. They both push so hand and at times produce a miss, songs which don’t even make sense.

The Zambian music legend PK Chishala knew how to conjure an image and brand with everything he did. His music performances were  eccentric with no nude stage appearance which was rare during his age. Both Macky 2 And Slap Dee are Kings, Both have played a major role in the music industry.



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