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Reintroducing The Zambian Music Iron Lady – “Wacheda”.

I never actually had much time to run through her music. Until now and I discovered that, “She creates content to document her growth and life experiences”.

The Zambian Music Iron Lady “Wacheda”.


Wacheda Makes distinctly dance music, urban and Afro pop, Well oriented and this makes her impossible to ignore. Perfectly among rare Zambian Celebrities, wearing the crown of most promising Zambian artist we have today.



Everything falls into place, She dances when she wants, talks about love and matters of the heart in her music and documents love in the most flowery way. Most Zambian Female artists in particular, expose themselves emotionally and physically for public consumption, that’s the reality of a celebrity culture that exists.


Many use it as just another industry for profit, but Wacheda does not subscribe to that. Her music is with blatant genuineness, that resonates deep within her fans. And by been like this, she convinces most as the real deal. check out!

Wacheda;s Iron Man (remix) ft Cactus @Wacheda

Wacheda ft Cactus Agony – Iron Man – @wacheda

Wacheda ft Mic burner – No more And “No More” ft Mic Burner & Dj Cosmo

Her music track list for me is less a collection of songs and more a documentation of feelings, like a flavor some but deeply moving Iron Man (remix) debut song, a track were she puts her heart on display and subconsciously calling for Iron Man to be there for her and take care of her feelings.


I think a lot of people (myself included) are used to the typical Zambian sound. So when they hear something different,

they basically condemn the song which is funny because these same people also complain about the mediocre music some artistes churn out.
Wacheda is one of the best artist Zambia has today, the technicality of her music and beats is pretty amazing. I love the twists and turns of hers songs and that’s what she is about.

If you haven’t been a lover or following her music, try out and you will believe my words!

Source: Echo Music Blog





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