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SONG REVIEW |+MP3: T Low – Ici Shinka

The Zambian singer keeps getting closer to blowing around the world with T Low – Ici Shinka. Produced by Sir Lex & Ronny of Criterion music.

T Low – Ici Shinka has become a hooked song the plug,many fellas playlist on the phones and ladies have made the song a present trend. The song keeps rising to number on many radio stations and promotional charts. T Low surely knows how to make great music. I know T Low as someone who has been consistently making great songs from the time he rose to prominence.

So this time around, I personally didn’t get attached to the song, not until yesterday after coming into contact with one lady, upon hearing the song playing on radio started singing and appreciating T Low.

Counselor is still making airwaves a dual single he did with a female rapper Brisky, Dirty Dance Ft Rap machine Tiye P and Cassanova Ft Dark Knight .

I have just mentioned some of his recent releases this year. “Ici Shinka” proves T Low, surely knows how to deliver great content, maybe it is perhaps because he is also a great song writer, yes he has written many songs for big lads in the game. But we will not focus into that today.

T Low’s collection of amazing sound in the song “Ici Shinka” is on point, the melody is in check. T Low brings in the song effortless way of singing but caring a deep revelation and tune that would make one’s tears drop.

Message behind Ici Shinka is a story of been honesty without paying much attention. With intent to hurt anyone, but without giving a second thought some people find my truth hurting and the words I had spoken or speak. 

“Nalyesha ukoloka, ukulungama. Mumi bele yandi nafyonse efyo ncita. Lelo bambi tabantemwa bafwaya aka bepesha nobulema”. I try to be straight and upright in everything I do. But some still look for mistakes in me and lies.Emibele yamu ntuse tabafwaya ukulanda ifintu balemona. Echo bambi tabantemwa bafwaya aka bepesha nobulema”. That’s the nature of a human being, that’s why some don’t love me, still look for mistakes in me and tell lies.

Ehi Ehi Ehi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “Ici Shinka Chilandetelela”,  Been honest gets me into trouble.

Just as he has done with a few other songs, T Low talks about his honest that brings negative influences, into play because a person would choose lies over truth. But at the end of the day, you definitely can’t make everyone happy. And no one will love you for you truthfulness”. T Low Said

His lyrics are mostly on point, more articulate, giving off traces of good music making. He cites his feature on a track “Ici Shinka “ defining a moment that made him regret what speaking the truth, even though he didn’t mean what was said.

Ici Shinka contains elements of truth, lets not just take it as a song. T-low-ici-shinka is built upon words and stories altered to fit in or be an honest person you are. “Ici Shinka” gets many of us in an incriminating façade. The story that gets to the press is not what actually happened. Telling the truth is considered ‘Uku Shishita’. society and people held close to us have made “Ici Shinka” such a bad thing and taboo for anyone to share honest inside stories.



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