Mvesesani Is Zambia’s biggest online music store so far, Here’s why

Mvesesani simply started by inviting all Zambian musicians to partner with them and get their music in the Mvesesani Store a few years back. Mvesesani Launched in December of 2016 began with one mission and that was to change the face of Zambian music and help vulnerable musicians to actually generate revenue from the sale of their music.

This strategy paved way for many and led to local musicians having there first premium online music selling service like Tidal and Apple music but on a local stage. Historically Mvesesani has been so good over the years In achieving the long term goals and allowing fans to buy music using both bank cards and mobile money.

Mvesesani now boasts of having over 10, 000 songs on there database which have massively expanded the efforts to add more Zambian artists into their store to meet the goal of having every song in Zambia to go through there music store. The website hosts music from all works of the Zambian music industry and boasts of having a catalog of music that includes the classics of 1970s Zamrock, old Zambian music from 1990s as well as the early 2000s and some of the most recent releases from Zambia’s most influential artists.

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