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From Ritual Killings to Gassing, Artist’s Continue preaching peace

Its a sad moment in our Nation to see the loving people turn against each other. Close to two months now, we’ve been suffering blows likely to cause havoc in many innocent lives. Emerged from a small town of Chingola, which has now become a national crisis everyone is concerned about.

Off course we can not ignore, so people continue to forge ahead and hope for peace to be restored but it seems, this is far from coming to that anytime soon. Even in the darkest cloud, Zambia’s talented musicians Y-Celeb, Yo-Maps, Afunika and Picasso have carried the burden as well trying to educate and encourage through art, reminding people of the happenings and how best to avoid it, most importantly not to play any role in these violent acts.

Below is a list of songs from artists who have sought in going to extremes to use music as a tool of preaching to the Zambian people, speaking against the killings and gassing hopefully to get people come together in resolving this problem. Nothing is stronger than music, these artists have come to understand that surely, its “ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION”.

  1. Yo Maps – Mutendele
  2. Y-Celeb – Balekomaula
  3. Afunika – Utulo
  4. Picasso – Nolala Nasana
  5. Hybride Ft Mr Turner – Violence
  6. T-Sean & T-Bwoy – Spread Love

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