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Chanda Mbao’s, The Patriot, Launches on Digital Platforms

Chanda Mbao The Patriot’ mix tape Launches on Digital Platforms. Major platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Bandcamp and more. 

‘Chanda Mbao, The Patriot is an awesome blend of Hip Hop and R&B. The mix tape has 14 original tracks and features artists such as; Scott, Jedi, Malz among others’

‘The Patriot’, launched at a star studded event at Lusaka’s Taj Pamodzi Hotel on 24th November (2017).

During Chanda Mbao ‘s star-studded live music event supported heavily by local musicians. The event was major as seen and named one big event in Zambia. His mission, is to ensure a brand new Zambia. where things are done to the highest standards, no fears, no regrets, no excuses”.

Artists showed massive support, including DJ Cosmo, T Bwoy, Willz and many others. Since the launch, his single ‘Who’ has been selected to be in heavy rotation on Trace Africa.

Chanda Mbao in the patriot, represents his music journey. The journey around the world as a young Zambian. ‘The Patriot’ is the remixes to the hit songs ‘Selfish’ and ‘My Town’. The remixes feature 9 addition artists combined. The mix tape sets Chanda Mbao apart from other upcoming hip hop stars.

The artist has been releasing hit singles such as “My Town”, “Shabba”, and ”Selfish”. This led to high anticipation of his second body of work. 

Over the years Chanda has honed his craft, you can tell by his improved lyrical content and beat selection.‘Desiderata’ is his first mix tape and was released in 2013.

Some Tracks In The Mix tape Below


A motivational song that talks about being focused on ones goal even if those around you don’t understand your passion. The inclusion of Ice Kid Low Key on the track was a great choice. He belts out an infectious chorus that will have you singing along in no time.


A relationship that is passed its ‘honeymoon’ phase. His partner always seems distracted when they are together, so he is wondering if she is seeing someone else. 


If you have a special someone, then this is the song for you. It’s the type of song you would dance to with that special someone. The song features Scott and dance hall artiste DJ Cosmo.

Brand New

This is a powerfully positive track.He explains how all citizens need to work together to better their nation. Chanda talks about the bright future he foresees for his country Zambia.

Chanda Mbao makes high quality music and general professionalism in his art.

The young global citizen delivers a fundamentally Hip-Hop project with fusions of eclectic soundscapes across the project. Just looking at his five star hotel launch event and the project roll-out, this is surely one for the Zambian Hip-Hop history books.

And on top of that, he uses his full Zambian name for his music while living abroad so the theme of representing Zambia is very real for him. Beyond that, the mix tape title also alludes to the fact that patriotism can come in different packages…

The message behind his mix tape, “The Patriot”. Is that just because you may look, dress or sound a certain way does not mean you can’t love your country just as much.

Look out for much more from him in 2018.

The mix tape is available on the following platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Bandcamp etc.) this includes, all major international digital platforms  as well as Zambian platforms such as the Vodafone Music Live app.



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