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Album Review : Bobby East – Vanilla

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There is so much excitement following the release of Bobby East Vanilla Album, a 14 track loaded project. Bobby East is debated as the greatest Zambian rapper ever.  Run through his music, and you would discover that he creates content to document what he really believes in, growth as an artist and life experiences. The Vanilla album is a product of those roots.

Bobby East Ft. Macky 2- I Forgive You 
Bobby East

Vanilla Album boasts of 14 powerful  tracks and feature guest acts like TIM, Macky 2, Natasha Chansa, Nez Long ,Daev, among others.

Here is a track by track of the Vanilla Album project.

Bobby East ft Koby – MLAM 

An elevated tune, starts up with a hook, its on another vibe, He opens up with a verse,  confirms he doesn’t like his music’, But the fact is that my flow evangelize. He says’ i’m the only one that tells you the opposite of life and that is where Bobby East is at with his career. Bobby East is in the zone with his rhyming, the instrumentation takes a back seat, as he champions ignoring those who haven’t done anything with their lives. As you sit back to enjoy, and think the song draws to a close. That’s when Bobby East comes through with another second verse.


A kind of urban African pop runs deep through the Vanilla album.  Chocolate has a unique tender softness. The bongo African type of Instruments laced on these two joints and features superstar Daev. The mid-tempo vibe is cut through by unmitigated title banger ‘Maria,’ but this song is definitely a change log in this project for the mushy times. Get ready to embrace love.

 Judas  Just when you thought you have had enough from the album, Bobby East cuts back again to address betrayal, hurt and jealousy. Judas features Vinchenzo holds an emotionally and hip hop vibe feeling. Bobby East followers have attested that, he does music with no sense of panic, Bobby East stands on top of the food chain among musicians regarded as the best in delivery amazing tunes. Judas confirms  to such blatant genuineness that it resonates deep within his fans, and convinces as the real deal.

Bobby East
Bobby East Performing On Stage

I Forgive You 

Bobby East Vanilla Album”  is less of a collection of songs and more a documentation of feelings. The album displays a high quality combination of different parts of life and events that we go through. I forgive you, He tells all those that broke his heart and couldn’t see the page. “Ask starsh i forgave anyone who ever beefed with me”. The jam is way out the common league, features legendary  master mind Macky 2 and subconsciously adds a calling of forgiveness as well. I suggest you take a listen and conquer that this is a conscious banger.

Come.This sounds interesting, Bobby East , this time he is addressing the love life. This is grown man rap, the beat is also doing something insane behind the backing voices, damn. I love this. We get another verse, jumping from Vinchezo & Jorzi on the hook. Come is another achievement, together with Chocolate. And Bobby East has just added another golden trophy to display as one of those lifetime achievements.


“This one reminds me of Hate Mail”. Again as mentioned Bobby East documents real life events. Jamaica, raps about real shi**** you can;t dab or twerk if you are a lady. The song will move your spirit and understand what really goes on in the ghetto. Jamaica got betrayed the baby mama. “Mumuziba Jamaica, Enxe mupondo, walk in ad place aseka. I wrote a song for Jamaica”.

Bobby East
Bobby East Wishing You A Merry Christmas

Versace Shirt  

Are you a fan raved up club bangers? The song will find a way of putting you in the clubbing mood. It brings a rare perspective, blends so well with the season and what a credence added to a sound arrangement by Nez Long on the project. Give it a listen Here to get full insight about the song.

Maria. The love trap flow is back as he encourages you to believe in yourself.  Talking about how its hard to work out things in love. Why do you wanna go? There is aggression to his voice, asking why the lady wants to go just when he’s feeling the moment.  Finality to his words like he is trying to knock the full impact of making Maria understand what he is saying. Another heavy record.

Mbuli Ni Guy

Originally produced by Mr Stash, Jazzy Boy, Easy & SQ.  Bobby East teams up with Rich Bizzy, another leading crop of new talent. Encourages those going through hardships in life. It does not matter just focus and keep moving . Your time will come soon, just be in you own lane and keep the pace rolling.

I bet You Miss the Old Me. 

Bobby East enlists former Zone Fam member Tim Thugga & Natasha Chansa for the delivery of  this piece of art. I did the song to highlight and bring facts in the limelight, i get judged due to fact that i already paid my bills and no longer the same man.


The rap star tightens up the groove with this yet another love jam.  He successfully delivered an upfront rap worth to clearly send out a message to those feeling something for a lady. I love the hype and again the beat is unique, Mr starsh unguarded a love joint to sound so amazingly touchy. Bobby East on the other end rap singing on the easy, releasing the needed message across for music lovers to enjoy. There is clarity in what he aims to achieve and the mood is compared to something graceful and mind blowing.

Bobby East
Bobby East Image Courtesy Of Facebook

Give it to Another  

This is a filler for the album. I would give to another, anything that reminds me of you. Fans of  Bobby East’s Phycho Bae will definitely cherish this one. It circles around a similar message  as every song earns its place on the project. The project’s on point and has no minor failings. Comprises of great dialogues on most of the songs, don’t look at the project as your regular albums you have come i contact with in the past and more as a man allowing you into his world, then it will be more understandable.

For A Long Time

I am sure you waited For A Long Time to see if this would make it on the list, lol. Looking at how Bobby East has grown since his come up, seeing the energy he exhibited on his previous music and joints featured. His evolving in subsequent projects, and the position he now holds, not just as a matured rapper but an executive runner of XYZ, it is fair to say this heartfelt project is arguably his best offering in a long while.  The second verse is all about positive vibes as tells you it’s not by accident he is still, but because, “I have been doing this sh****For A Long Time”, don’t forget to get the audio for this song Here.

‘Positive, Negative’ is a journey from when he started rapping, the delivery is sharp, a few corny lines, but Bobby East is doing his thing especially when he switches from hardcore to singing about love, and while addressing issues of life in the same album and still the album gets rated as a classic.


Bobby East
Bobby East Vanilla Album Available In Stores


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