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If Pilato Died Today Would He Be Regarded As A Legend? YES/NO

Sould He Be Regarded As A Legend? YES/NO

We at EchoMusicBlog would like to know, if Pilato should be considered a legend already. years of not just consistency but constantly defying the odds and breaking boundaries. He is (in my opinion) the greatest Zambian artist of his generation.

Would He Be Regarded As A Legend?

First of all, who is a legend or a legendary person? We could say someone who has achieved fame as a result of mastery of his/her art or skill. If we go by this definition, then Pilato is a legend.

No Zambian artiste in this Era has managed doing it like him. From his music, to the way he looks, and to how he critically comes up with lyrics . Pilato has it all with or without major international collaborations, endorsements, fame or awards.

We like to believe legends are only those who laid the foundation but I want to disagree with that school of thought. Anyone who can build on a solid foundation should be regarded as a legend.  He has achieved all of this and even gone beyond. Don’t get me wrong, Macky 2, Slap Dee and others also basically changed the game and the music industry would forever respect him for that.

Would He Be Regarded As A Legend?

To be frank I may be wrong not to consider him a Legend but mehn, for me it does not feel right just yet. I think there is nothing missing about the whole Pilato legendary status, because I have really seen Pilato champion a cause or represent a certain ideology with his music. Pilato is always epitomizing a certain ideology and qualifies to be called a legend. But before that happens, I want to know what you think?

What is your opinion on this? Vote and also drop your comments!!

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