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Top 5 Reasons Why Cleo Ice Queen Ended Marriage With Kaladosha’s

Zambian Female Rapper Cleo Ice Queen had put an end to her marriage. Rapper Cleo Ice Queen Ended it with Kaladoshas just after welcoming a new born baby. The female rapper became pregnant after which they decided to get married some time last year.

Rapper Cleo Ice Queen Many times put a blame on him, for the duo not been able to tie that knot, they opted to go separate ways after Cleo Ice Queen discovered that her man was cheating.

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  1. She claimed a Guy has a bunch of girls.
  2. He never used to hide it from the partner did it, even when his partner was aware.
  3. 12 girls are believed to be Kaladoshas’s side chicks.
  4. Cleo can’t take it anymore, but Kaladoshas still loves her.
  5. Cleo saw pictures of Kaladoshas but he denied. And couldn’t explain.


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