Tiye P’s Outfit At “Outside the Rox 2” Jay Rox’s Launch Astound The Fans

Jay Rox, Zambia’s hip hop dance hall mogul, finally launched his latest album Outside the Rox 2, The album became debut on 18th August at the famous palor Government Complex in Lusaka.

Jay Rox performed a number of tracks off his album ,”Outside the Rox 2” such as “Lion” , “Chubaba” ,”Sugar Lover” among others. Performed also hits from his previous albums such “AutoPilot”, “Joana” and Zone Fam hits such as “Contolola” and “Translate”.

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This surely did not come like anything we are used to seen. Many great Zambian infectious musicians stepped up to support Jay Rox. Tiye P been the man that we know kills every each of putting up a marvelous show. Tiye P’s Outfit At “Outside the Rox 2” Jay Rox’s Launch Astound The Fans. Well, famous Tiye P’s Outfit, has just gone viral on social media as many state, that he has a great skill for performance, apart from music. This has made his followers go gaga though… Lol.

Supporting artists included: Chef 187, Kunkeyani Tha Jedi , Tiye P and more 

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