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Pilato Finds a Decision to Re-Open CBU Refreshing and Welcome

Zambian advocate Fumba Chama, well known as Pilato shares a positive feedback towards the oppeneing of CBU.

The Zambian music wrote

“The announcement of the Reopening of the Copperbelt University was very refreshing and very much welcome. There are some things that we should hold dear as a people and be prepared to defend those things even in the bitterness of situations. As young people, Education should be one of those things. We should never allow politics or anything of that sort to disturb the education of our people. This is so because the very survival of our country depends on the quality of mind of its people. The best way to look into the future is to look into the education system of the young people. Education should remain sacrosanct if our commitment to development is to be credible. Anyone who takes away your education is your enemy.
To avoid unholy closures in future the government must play it’s role to the fullest. Funding to these universities must be prioritized. The Unions must be reintroduced and be allowed the respect they deserve.
To the students I say, Get that education now, get that power.”

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