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Phone Review: Itel S32 Phone

The Itel S32 Phone is the latest released last month during Itel’s 10 Years Anniversary. Itel Zambia, launched the two affordable Mobile devices, S12 & S32.

From the S31 series of Itel – here came the most anticipated S32, which among the top mobile phones on the market today.

Like i said, the S32 is among the top first popular phones today. Itel Zambia have since jumped on the bandwagon to make phones for everyone and affordable.

Itel is ranking higher in this category of producing super devices . The Brand has recorded some major milestones since it launched the first device in its series and has continued to be a very popular choice among young and dynamic folks.

Speaking to youths that I see the phone with and I notice the passion with which they speak about the brand and the S32 range. It is as if they have a fanatic adherence to the brand.

Itel S32 : First Look & Impressions | Camera & Specs #GoeBeyond

The Itel S32 phone comes with a 5.5″ 2.5 D , Due selfie camera, Rear finger print sensor.

Dual Selfie Camera Lens

The two front cameras blend into a pure black glass panel, so perfect and well structured like human eyes. The provides a unique field of view when taking pictures or video.

5.5″ 2.5 D Curved HD IPS Display

The s32 mobile device adopts full laminating technology, which provides integrations between both the touch unit and glass. IPS provides you with richer color and better contrast than any other device. There is absolutely no air spaces,which enhances the screen clarity by eliminating light reflections.

Now lets take a closer look at the finger print sensor.

Finger print sensor is the fastest way of protecting your phone, this is a reliable and performs a all lot of functions. The finger print is mounted at the rear back of the device. This feature added to make user experience easier, for unlocking the device and taking photos.

Experience After Unboxing Itel s32 – let’s unwrap the phone

What you will Experience After Unboxing the s32

The S32 has a soft light, 8.00 mp AF rear camera, the device also allows you to take a solo photo by lens adjusting to an angle of 63 degrees. The device has the power and ability to take a full HD group selfie at an angle of 86 degrees wide.

It does not matter how many you are in that photo, this 86 degrees lens in the camera of S32 fits more people in the frame. No need of even using a selfie stick. For a solo picture, the device allows you to snap an amazing selfie with a 63 degrees portrait lens without any distortion or loss of quality. This mobile device will snap any angle picture, taken at any angle with the above functionalities.

What else can You find with Itel S32 device?

The rear camera has live filters, working together to capture every moment with details with one simple touch. You can also quickly share the photo to social media.

I have heard some people complain that some brands no longer add manuals to their phones. But who needs manual these days? I know I don’t, because I enjoy tinkering and finding things out myself. There is also the charger and the USB chord.

Blurred Background Effect

This device has an ability to create a blurred background effect, which can be used to highlight people in portrait photos. Taking photos in a professional way.

One Hand Mode

It allows fast sliding between any two keys at the bottom of the front panel. The screen shrinks to the left or right bottom of the phones edge. This provides an easy way for you to use it with one hand.

App Lock

Protection against desired photos, videos or documents. you can lock them in the app, only you have access to unlock through a password or using finger print. The phone also adds a feature of seen intruders or an individual who tried to access your hidden files.

Long Press Back Key To Kill App

By pressing the back key for two seconds, this forces the device to close an application. This cool feature in the itel S32 , helps get rid of sticky app situations. Any app trouble shooting is just a long press with the S32.  There is also a while pair of earphones in the box.


In conclusion, Itel hit a home run with the Itel’s S32 Device.

There is no amazing device i personally would go for right now apart from the two s32 or s12. What more would you want in a phone? Built with the most vibrant 5.5″ HD IPS 2.5D curved display, the itel S32 provides up to 160 º wide viewing angle, which offers crystal clear views with vivid colours and ensures good readability in bright sunlight, while the S12 comes in a 5.0” IPS display.


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