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An Ordinary Former Unza Student Earns $200 A Day While Staying At Home

Kenneth Banda is earning $200 a day while staying at home.


My name is Kenneth Banda, I’m 20 years, UNZA former student, and was pursuing a Bachelors degree in Economics. Just thought I should try to inspire my fellow youths, how last week I earned my first million working in the web from my laptop.

To be honest, I couldn’t even dream about such great money when I was a secondyear
student, failed my first year exams and got expelled.

I was unexpectedly thrown alone into this big world, So I decided to join the Zambia Army, I had no job,and, to cap the matters, a notice arrived that I should undergo medicals.

To join the Amy. The medical check was going rather slowly, and I wasn’t going to leave until the results came out.

But now I have my money and I feel absolutely safe! A friend of mine was making money in the web while I was studying but I thought he was just an idiot who was trying to earn something without a higher education.

That time I was waiting for my degree and expecting a k 4000 equivalent $400$ job, even if now it

looks just ridiculous. Anyway, I decided to earn something myself and asked my friend about what he was doing. I started looking for some freelance jobs but each time I just got cheated.

Once I translated a huge text into English for free, and another time I spent 2 weeks performing some tasks and filling in questionnaires but never got paid. I think you might face that as well, if you haven’t already!.

Things later changed when I found some website and decided to log in. Then I started reading their materials and found out that the website was about binary options trading.

Now I know that it’s just a PARADISE for novices and a great opportunity if you have no particularly skills! You can work comfortably from any place using only a special program on your laptop or smart phone.

The next step is to develop your own strategy and start earning big money! As for me, I made my first deposit of just $100, and within the first week, I’d already made $500 in profit! I had no knowledge at all! And I was nothing but a novice in this business!.

But now I managed to buy a nice car, I can afford renting a smart apartment in the centre of the city and live separately from my parents!.

Zambian student


Anyway, if you still have doubts, just log in and try working with a demo account putting no real money at risk.
Now, I Now, I have about $30,000 in my account, which is enough to make roughly $200$ 500 a day. But my deposit is gradually growing and the profits grow with it.

Granted, it took a few months to get to that sum, as I started out with only $100. If I’d started with even $1000, I’d be making ten times more right now! I think you will be able to earn as much as I do.

There are a lot of training materials on this website that will help you to raise your first $500 or even $1000 after just a week! Good luck!

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