“Muzo & Ruff Kid Need Mental Help” – Dj Showstar

Radio personality “Dj Showstar” claims DJ Muzo & Ruff Kid really Need Mental Help. Raised concerns about 2 unnamed musicians but specified the groups they emerged from, saying one came from XYZ and the other Kopala swag.

Lets not go around the bush, pretending we do not know who’s been targeted here. Check the Facebook post below, and tells us if you think he is right about having this theory?

DJ Showstar Said,

“There are 2 people that seriously need help. Half of me is suspecting serious mental disorders. The more we ignore it and pretend we are enjoying their madness the more we are losing them.

One of them used to be in XYZ and the other one used to be in Kopala Swag. Am not the best to advise what should be done but something MUST be done”.

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