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Pompi Just Made History – And This Is why

There is always just that one moment, when you feel so attached to an artist and his art. I Love Zambian music and most happening Zambian musicians today, but Born Chaka Nyathando, known as Pompi is beyond reckon and among the top Zambian Gospel musicians. I enjoy Zambian Musician Pompi Songs.

Musician Pompi over the years produces great, I remember back in the days when I heard his song “bring the base”. Yah i guess we all still that song right? the track made air waves and actually won him awards, including been premiered on channel O.

Zambian Musican Pompi


Actually, that was the fist Zambian video i ever saw been aired on channel O, from that one moment I knew people was amazing, and it was actually during that time that I Started following him.

Went through a transition from doing circular, to what i can define as good building music using our lord Jesus Christ as his director.

I’m an artist as well and in the same genre of music as Musician Pompi. But one thing about him is that, he has managed sticking to his style, keeping his loyal fans and still manages delivering hot bars and poetic lyrical lines. Hes is the music poetic machine, not to mess with.

Below Is A Few Of So Many Pompi Songs I Feel Made History


Zambian Musican Pompi

Maganizo Pandeke

His music is highly inspired by the message of the gospel and is a fusion of Afro-soul, RnB and rap. His music and vision is now in the sky. Does not just sing and rap in his songs, but preaches to the souls of man, and whether you see it or not his ministry has actually been touching a lot of souls. Also Read : Pompi Releases New Song Titled “Kapena” 


I this all time songs from the album, “Broken English”. The song talks about been over blinded and you have been sleeping not realizing, the devil has put to sleep.

Many are time, we sin and do things, without actually realizing we have been sleeping, until that day you choose to wake up and live another life. The life of accepting Jesus as our personal life and savior, who died for us on the cross.


Pompi - Silence

Puts emphasis on need to speak what you need. Because the bible makes it it pretty clear, we receive what is connected to our faith. Download And Listen To Silence


Kapena Lyrics

Actually this was his last debut single of 2017. Kapena talks about matters of the heart. Many her are times we follow the heart, without been in love and been in love without the heart falling in love. Listen And Download Kapena

Musician Pompi Has Really Made Great History For Himself


Zambian Musican Pompi Doing Poetry

  1. He is an entrepreneur and CEO at Lota House.
  2. His videos have played on major commercial channels, platforms such as MTV Base and Channel O. Finished off 2009 as number one on young gifted and African.
  3. Had the highest selling album in Zambia for more than 12 weeks. In 2011 was voted winner of the BNB award. In the Best Gospel Artist category.
  4. In 2013, voted the winner of two ZMAs (Zambian Music Awards) categories. Namely the Best Gospel Male Artist and Best Gospel Male Album.
  5. And In June 2013, performed as guest artist during Big Brother Africa eviction show.
  6. Song ‘CHipolopolo’ was used by Super Sport, as the official song during the Zambian soccer league. And Through the U.S. State Department.
  7. He also, went on a tour of the U.S.  and studied using music for civil engagement.
  8. He and 20 other media personalities selected from 20 countries were issued with IVLP (International Visitors’ Leadership Program) certificates. The tour saw him featuring in the Rolling Stones magazine with a four page article on his tour to that country.
  9. He pioneered as the first Zambian artist to be invited by prince Africa Zulu to perform at the Royal Onkweni Music Festival for the Zulu King and thousands of people.
  10. Selected in 2011 by former President Rupiah Banda to represent youthS on youth day. This was for the Tomorrow’s Zambia awareness campaign.
  11. The campaign was designed to inform the youth on the availability of the youth empowerment fund and the Kwame Nkrumah University.
  12. One of the ten Global Shapers that where selected to represent Zambia at the World Economic Forum, and to create what is called the Lusaka Hub.
  13. He has an honors degree in Business systems.


Mr B

I stand at the highest level of music, I breath music, and Its an everyday endeavour to bring you classic tunes across African borders, including stories making headlines in the showbiz today. If it's about music, then I have you covered my class!

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