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MR Turner – Biography | Artist On The Block |

Written by Muchuu For Echomusicblog.com
Published by Root’s:
” Artist On The Block” (MR Turner).


  Who Is MR Turner?

MR Turner

A Youngtalented, Rapper,Singer and Producer at Bunny House music. Born in in the 1990’s. MR Turner who got his stage name from his style of singing were many told him He sounded like a female due to His sweet soft touchy vocal female like voice despite been a Guy. Real names “Joel Kabwe”, given to Him from birth by his Parents. MR Turner who keeps developing unique skills each and every time he steps on the mic.
According to MR Turner, “His name is also a symbol of how much he loves the Rapping game, Singing together with doing Music and been a Producer”. “Music is what fascinates and defines me, so every step I have made in my entire life from the day I was born has been much of a musical adventure and school”. Said Turner.

Musical Background and Life

Started Rap at a very young age and later on in 2011 became one of the members at “3D cyphers” a Copper belt based Rap and singing crew together with Mas B, Kisser and B j Dimz. MR Turner is considered been one of the most talented and future upcoming, rising star in the copper belt “Kitwe” to be specific. Worked with big producers in the game among them is Tony Breezy, Dice and many more. According to him, “music is what truly defines the name “Turner”. Therefore He thinks every Rapper and Artist should never get demoralized after having tried many times without luck.
I have made many appearances too as well before, I actually made appearances and features with big names in the game like “Chef 187”, “T Sean”, Roberto and many more. Including my recent activity on Dreams talent search 2017. But every move I made has taught me one or two things about music and the Zambian music industry at large. One thing I have learnt so far, is been unique and doing music in your own way. The other lesson has been to never stop practicing because one does not need to be somebody else or sound like somebody else to make a name and become famous”. “Having some experience now and because I once also made big features but yet still think I have a very long way to go.

All I can say is that, “Music is an expression, language and a feeling. These three simple principle and guidelines is what makes me different from other Artist’s/Rappers you have been hearing about”.
MR Turner went on to say, “I was born “ready and to do Music”. So far my main focus has been to get as much people as possible listening to my music and hopefully one day get my intended fan base. At times I feel as if I was actually born with a microphone surrounded by big speakers playing music.
And I strongly think the Zambian music industry is ready to receive me, and once it does I will never easily disappear from the Music Industry due to my unique skills. Music is like food for me, I eat it every day.

What Do You Have To Offer?

“In music we share fans, some of the fans love 10 Artist the same way but the question is, what kind of music are you actually doing? and Is it that good or Bad?. As an Artist, giving fans a reason to come back or cry for more is my number one specialty, and I am sure every Artist in the game feels the same way. Music lovers always look for new style and unique content because every song and tune has its own best moment to be played and depending on the audience you choose to target”, Said MR Turner.

His  Top 9 Songs 

Been not just an Artist, Rapper and singer. MR Turner has actually also been doing a good job with music production like we had earlier mentioned He is a “producer”. Turner has worked on many songs so far, including for big Artist’s and upcoming local Artist’s as well under Bunny House Music Record label.
Let us take this moment to mention that. He is also currently working on the mix tape which is set to be released soon. Songs in the mix tape will include,

• “Good Life” – 3D Cyphers Ft Truth Boler and Zedeprone.

• ‘Into You‘ (Remix) Ft Roberto – MR Turner

• ‘Phone‘ – MR Turner Ft Crystal and Jay Flasco

• “Your Own” – MR Turner

• “One Day” – MR Turner

• “Roll Up” – MR Turner

• “African Bae” – MR Turner

 • “ Confused” – MR Turner

                                                                                        And many more.


Thankful for the support from family, fans and friends

Many people have had the courage of showing great appreciation for my music by telling me how good they think I am. Some have been sending messages via Facebook, Twitter and What Sapp”. “I know my mission is far from been archived but at least that feeling helps me notice myself and make corrections in certain areas. I may not be where I need or the leading door to my vision may not yet be opened, but the people on my side and the love you have showed me makes every new song under my name to be a good one and dedicated to you”. Some have really helped and gave me building musical advise. Having a long way to go and a lot to learn but having your support makes me feel humbled and Grateful”.

Peace! to yall, God Bless!!!”

Mr B

I stand at the highest level of music, I breath music, and Its an everyday endeavour to bring you classic tunes across African borders, including stories making headlines in the showbiz today. If it's about music, then I have you covered my class!

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