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Mr P (P-Square) Songs Rated As The Most Downloaded Songs In Nigeria.

Mr P (P-Square) eliminates the most oppressing mindset people had about him and gives as answer those who wondered,

Whose new songs are better Peter or Paul ?

Mr P songs have come out as the most downloaded in Nigeria for the past week as number 1 Mr P songs, with more than over 20,000 downloads and still rising.

For My Head (Official Video)



Nigerian music lovers and P-Square die hard fans had a big question about who among the two talented Brothers, was still going to continue rocking the Nigeria entertainment industry.

And keep the P Square legacy alive. Mr P (Peter), well in his latest debut song “For My Head” many said he sounded like Techno.

Well, I guess that perception is no longer their as Mr P songs surprises the Nigerian music industry with the most downloads in just a short period, while nkeji keke a debut solo by Paul came second with just over 10,000 @ naija pals.

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Mr B

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