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7 Incredible Reasons You Should Be Following Macky 2

Well, we all know who Macky 2 is and if you don’t then something is totally wrong in your head. Macky 2 helped and actually considered to be among the top Zambian musicians alongside Slap Dee to have shaped and highly pioneered the Zambian Music industry.

Umutima Wandi

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Many have stood and compared the Man, Air is still not clear about who is the HipHop or Zed king for Zambia. The man has done and achieved so much in music. Has a huge Facebook following of about 165000 fans but we are not going to discuss that today. Instead I want to enlighten you on unnoticed traits about Macky 2 and his music.

1. He’s Unique

When i say unique i mean it in terms of style and voice, over the years its been observed that headies winners have one thing in common “Uniqueness” from Slap Dee to Chef 187, Willz to Muzo. Its no doubt that this coming one is going to Macky 2.


2. He’s Has What Headies Are Looking For

To me he has only one competitor which is “ Slap Dee” of XYZ . And its so obvious that Macky 2 has all attributeS headies are looking for forget the votes.

3. He Has The Ladies Support

Trust me as a musician if you want to aim high and get famous as soon as possible Aim for the ladies which Macky 2 did already. From “So Beautiful” to “Lolo Lolo” So its no doubt many of its votes would be coming of the ladies.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAKmYhHpmBM[/embedyt]


4. He’s Promising

Macky 2 has come to stay and he his going nowhere. This man is not rushing, carefully giving out sweet tunes to the public and making it last a while before another. Which make his fans want more.

5. He Has Proved Himself Worthy

Its only an ungrateful that would say he hasn’t tried enough. What else would you ask for ? His songs are hits .

6. He Has Delivered

I can’t say a track which he has been featured on that he fumbled instead he adds more. Trust me he is also one of the most featured artiste in Zambia today.

7. He’s Charming

Smart, capitalizes on opportunities and this an additional bonus for him to win more votes, if you voting just have it in mind and don’t change who you voting for, cause a second look at his picture might make you re-consider.

Written by: Mas B (Echo Music Blog)

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