JK Unveles New Song – “Teine”

Jordan Katembula returns with a new Hit record entitled Teine. Remind many, that DJ to refresh that playlist with this Zambian defined record produced by Dj Baila.

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JK is one of those artists with a limited social media team, Rich and talented. Look across the music Zambian industry.

Many of the artists who started out with him, and you can point out only few who still enjoy any sort of attention, JK has right now.

We all know the JK story and how he built More’Hits. All the stories surrounding his rise and success.  And now Jk releases another banger entitled “Teine”.

No one understands JK’s Hits evolution and how he has been able to fight and maintain his position at the top of the music industry.

Jk has combined talent with a series of incredibly savvy moves over the years. Perhaps the biggest secret to his success is the specter of failure that looms right across the room, if he fails to act.

Jk Keeps putting Zambian music on the world map. And ha no paranoia of what so ever, when it comes to music.  The man is hardworking and makes great music videos. Who is out to prove to doubters that he can be a success beyond any Zambian artist.

There are many ways in which he has gone about it. Public opinion on Jk has it that he’s musically past his peak. And there’s some truth in that JK affected Read more.

Pistol is far from the chart-topper it reigned at the top of the charts. That position still vacant for Jk, knowing the fact that this man is a hit maker.

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