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Why Jay Rox Is A Zambian Music Rock

Zambian Music just keeps becoming more and interesting. This year we have seen new artist’s, songs, and new styles. But whether new artists or new style of doing music, Jay Rox Songs still make sense listening to even those from back in the days.

They are those we call hit makers and die hard. The afro pop music star Jay Rox whose real names are Jackson Banda, is one of those we feel fits in that category of been both a “hit maker” and a “die harder”.

But Just like the name, “Rox” has been one of those on top of the Zambian music food chain without showing any sign of diminishing.just by listening to Jay Rox Songs One can’t deny the fact that, “Jay Rox has been one of the Zambian Artist’s doing the mighty works which can never be denied.


Jay Rox Songs


Jay Rox has been once nominated for the MTV African Music Awards truly proving he was good and gained recognition of been the first Zambian artist recognized for the MAMA, nominated for the ‘Listeners Choice’ even though did not win the award but this was another fact that the Zambia afro star Jay Rox Songs are indeed great.

His previous album ’Outside the Rox’, was great and most songs from the album are still in the Zambian music blood stream. Has made his point clear. Shows continued focus and determination making him better and better with each single he drops or an album.

Jay Rox Songs


Jay Rox released an album “Lusaka” in January just after outside the Rocks and Outside the Rocks II. These two albums where and can be said to still  be so good even up to now when you listen to them. And many songs are still worth listening too.

After releasing “Lusaka” and on top of that massive work flow of hit singles followed. Among them, where songs like Glory, Featuring Thugga, Confidential Featuring Wezi and many more. Then followed another great single “One and only”. Which again just like most of his songs made special appearance on Trace TV.

Jay Rox Songs

Then came  ‘Lusaka’ which is the third solo album for Jay Rocks. This is why I strongly feel, His works as an artiste is something that can’t be measured easily. Has shown and given the fans great projects. His songs just give you the vibe and feeling that which only comes when you listen to Jay Rox.

His Lyrical content is another factor, song selection and not forgetting the beats and production, producers he works with if it’s not him behind the production.

But before you download or listen to his latest song “ma cheeky“, and Beautiful Smile


Download Jay Rox Ft Jerome Arab Beutiful Smile mp3

Download Jay Rox – Ma cheeky . Ft Dimpo williams mp3

Download Jay Rox – “Intuntulu Remix”.Ft Cleo Ice queen and various artists

Download Jay Rox – “Steady”mp3

Download Jay Rox – “Confidential” Ft Wezi mp3

Download Jay Rox – Johana Remix .Ft Orenzi mp3

Download Jay Rox Ft Wills – Run Town mp3


Jay Rox Songs


A few weeks ago we saw  Jay Rox‘s second Music video from  the EP Trans-Afrique which he had dropped on the 10th of August 2017.


Download jay Rox Ft Dimpo williams – (Ma cheeky) mp3

Hope You Have Enjoyed, download and please don’t forget to share!


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