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Jay Rox Album Review : Jay Rox – LUSAKA

What more can I ask for?  jay Rox wrote on his on his  twitter acount On wednesday 17 th August 2017.

The multi talented jay rox double threat seeing as he is both a producer and rapper paraded on a selfie with his daughter. He keeps his audience attentive with his clever punchlines and wordplay. who got his stage name from real name which is Jackson, and added Rox .

He just last week Thursday when he released his latest EP. and stated that “My albums will come out on the 10th of August, that’s the only date that’s selected for my album, so if it doesn’t come out on the 10th of August, then it’s not an album,” Jay Rox says.

“The EP has two videos.” He says he released the EP as a way of repositioning his brand, a way of jump-starting his journey to his third album as well as getting his fans ready for the album which he will be calling Outside the Rox II.

“I’m doing the EP because I feel like I’m repositioning my brand and what better way to start everything than dropping an EP,” he says. “So the EP is going to set the tone for the type of music and also get my fans ready for the album because these songs are actually going to be free.”

Jay Rox Songs
Originally, the EP was meant to have one song with different extended versions of it but he has decided to come up with different songs for the project.

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“For an EP, it’s supposed to have one song and then you have like different versions, like extended versions of that actual song, but then, I decided to break the rules and decided to come up with different songs that I put together,” he says. Read more here


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