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Mobile Technology : What Can You Do with Itel Mobile Zambia’s 4G Inspiring Device That Has Fingerprints?

Itel mobile Zambia :



I have been passionately following mobile technology for decades. In the beginning, the mobile devices weren’t very mobile and a strong back and arms were required to lug them around. The technology that drives mobile devices with the introduction of Itel mobile Zambia brand has improved a lot.

Mobile gadgets have gotten smaller and since those days a lot has changed and especially in the last ten years from what never made sense to something that is, more powerful, amazing, fast and very useful. The Brand was founded in the year 2007 in Shenzhen China.

Ever since that time the top primary focus has been making it easier for people to successfully connect by providing affordable quality mobile devices for ten years. The Availability of  Itel mobile Zambia devices is rapidly spreading throughout the world and making significant improvements in many African lives, more especially here in Zambia. Do you know that even if Itel mobile Zambia  was launched last year March in Zambia, the Company has actually been existing in other African Countries and Asia for 10 solid years? Exactly, I also got astonished.

In its 10 years journey,  Itel mobile Zambia  has exhibited massive power of change, the products are better and always changing in order to meet the revolving demand by consumers. It’s not worth taking a break from our obsession of how the brand is now more influential, through great team work an innovative devices. The power of  Itel mobile Zambia  lies in great products that meet customer satisfaction.


Partnered with famous celebrities in Africa as proud ambassadors like here in Zambia Slap Dee. They have been instrumental in ensuring they create brand awareness and that is why today,  Itel mobile Zambia  is now among the top 3 mobile devices in Africa. Symbolizing how powerful is the brand.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a way of showing gratitude to Africa the company has embarked on committing its self to giving back to the community by using different teams from different countries, which have organized, identified and continues to implement different programmers by  Itel mobile Zambia  through and using it’s power to change the face of the community.

Just this year alone Itel has already done more than 5 five Corporate Social Responsibility activities and community service.

  1. Visited Mwembeshi prison and celebrated youth day with prisoners.
  2. Celebrated Easter with orphans at Matero orphanage.
  3. Last year Itel supported the national debate.
  4. Visited Mwansa Bwale foundation.
  5. Special hope foundation and many more.



Due to the brand’s loyal customers across Africa, more than 100 million devices have been sold. With the Aim been to satisfy consumer needs first,  Itel mobile Zambia  provides 12 months customer after sale that comes with all  Itel mobile Zambia .

So why are you still wondering what next great phone to buy, for use or may be just fun when you can clearly see all the best qualities in the latest S31 flagship that has everything? Yes, the device has major key features like the big 5.5 IPS screen, front 5.0 MP with a flexible LED flash back 5.0 MP AF with a dual LED flash, Rom drive of 16 GB + 1 GB RAM of up to 32 GB making the device super fast. Fashion Beauty face 5 levels mash mellow for Android TM 6.0 Quad-core 1.3 GHZ processor and a powerful 2400mAh battery.

From the latest S31 flagship which has improved the technology that drives mobile devices, to giving back to the community through Corporate Social Responsibility, you can clearly see how important and how profoundly  Itel mobile Zambia  is improving our lives, and the major roles these gadgets are assuming, you can also see that for this brand, “The facts does the talking”. Now,  just imagine what you would do with a 4G device that has Fingerprints the brand is expecting to launch soon?







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