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East Africa Leads Entries For The All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA)

AFRIMA scheduled to air in 84 countries from 9 to 12 November.

All Africa Music Awards AFRIMA has received a total of 4 816 entries after a call for submissions elapsed on 17 July. This is a 77.25% increase from last year’s 2 714 entries. Analysis reveals that the two regions with the highest number of entries are East Africa (47%) and West Africa (30%). Music In Africa spoke to AFRIMA judge and the director of Ketebul Music in Kenya, Tabu Osusa, about the development.

“This is definitely good news and it is no surprise because from the early 1970s all through to the late 1990s, East Africa, Nairobi in particular, was among the top producers of music on the continent,” he said.

All Africa Music Awards “Therefore the increased number of entries only means that the region is gradually reverting to its original role as a leading music producer in Africa. A good example is the increased number of collaboration between East African artists and other musicians around the continent.”

All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) international advisor Rikki Stein, who was Fela Kuti’s manager from 1983 till the musician’s death in 1997, said the increase in entries for this year’s awards boded well for the African music sector.

“This is tremendous news, indicative of an increasingly healthy music industry across Africa, particularly from a creative perspective.” Stein said. “AFRIMA is plugged into the aspirations of the African continent, providing a platform for excellence in the field of music and a source of inspiration and encouragement for its associated fields of endeavour, such as songwriters, producers, sound engineers, distributors, publicists, marketers, photographers, videographers, stylists, journalists, bloggers, DJs and many more.”

The first part of the screening and adjudication process, which began last week with a 13-member jury reviewing the 4 816 entries, will end on 28 July. The second phase is expected to be completed between 2 and 8 August before the nominees are announced.

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