DJ Mzenga Man Is Zambia’s Greatest Producer ( 6 Reasons Why ).

Let me use this opportunity to state that, “DJ Mzenga Man is undoubtedly one of the hottest Zambian Music producer right now, and that’s without a question, if not the greatest Zambian producer ever”.

Below Are 6 Reasons DJ Mzenga Man is The Greatest Zambian Producer.

Zambian Music Producer
“DJ Mzenga Man” Zambia’s Greatest Producer.


  • Some Of The Best Hits 

DJ Mzenga Man’s discography is simply outstanding, not just a Zambian Music producer and when you look at it, he’s been directly responsible for the production of some of the greatest Zambian hits DJ Mzenga Man x Stevo – Kumbuka, Stevo Ft Flexville Marley – Sandles Off, Stevo – “Push” , DJ Mzenga Man – “All Eyes On Me” Ft. Macky 2 & Stevo, etc

The list can go on and on, and these are not the only singles, imagine?

  • Knows How To Co-Ordinate Big Artists Together

Willz, Slap Dee, Jae Cash, Stevo, Tiye P, Bobby East and many more, all have been once helped by Dj Mzenga Man, who hugely helped boost amount of their success. It’s an outstanding attribute to have the ability to harness someone’s talent and kick it into high gear.

  • Grooms & Introduces New Talent

How many artist’s have passed through DJ Mzenga Man? The list is just so huge , this is because the Mzenga Man understands the theory of music. I have seen work with the best, the week, the strong and the lame but still produced amazing work.

Let me refresh your minds with introduction of top 3 Rappers from the, “Junior Cypher”, Flozer, Blizmatic and Soyi slowly becoming household names, it’s clear that DJ Mzenga Man’s achievements is no fluke.

With his ability to reinvent himself, pick out talent, and harness it, you can see DJ Mzenga Man being in the game till he decides he’s tired or maybe creates a product and chills.

  • Social Media Promo

One thing is clear about DJ Mzenga Man. He doesn’t just understand music, he understands entertainment and the ability to use modern tools to market it. When you take a look at how huge his songs come with competition, and major social media trends he’s created just from his music, you realize that the big Boss DJ Mzenga Man is not just a beat maker, but a entertainment business mogul.

  • Longevity

It’s been at least more than 6 solid years that Dj Mzenga Man has been active in the industry, and it’s interesting that there aren’t many moments where he is not in the conversation as being the best producer at that moment.

  • Truly Knows How To Organize A Cypher.

This definitely requires a moment of silence. Dj Mzenga Man has been unleashing the most anticipated hot “End Of Year Cyphers”. 

And this time around alongside Willz, DriftaTrek, Tommy D, Tiye P, Cleo Ice Queen, Jae Nash, Jae Cash & Slap Dee. Dj Mzenga Man to wrap up 2017 brings us a souvenir. Having Zambia’s top and most happening musicians in one beat.

The front base line which is unthinkable and Flows are hot. Zambia’s Award Winning yet again proves has more tricks up his sleeve. Another souvenir to his master collection, combined with his impressive production.

The Award winning producer, recently provided some of the most impressive songs. “Me & You” , “Junior Cypher” Ft Various Artist, “The Game remix”, and “The Game” Ft Slap Dee.

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