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Youngest Zambian Rapper Dizmo – “Vocal Ibagwesa” Makes Headlines In Zambia.

Dizmo Young but fully talented and hopefully this kid can definitely go miles with support and proper guidance. Less than 10 year old already making air waves in Zambian industry by doing a free style of one Dizmo in the Zambian music industry. The Video went viral on social media and making air waves.

But due to fate and destiny, karma keeps up with Dizmo and gives the kid fame in one day. The man of the game Slap Dee has now requested to see the kid hopefully to boost and help the kid.

The kid has brought a swagger to hip-hop that other rappers today are missing. Just less than 10 years and already Considered by many to be the greatest youngest MC ever.

Dropping complex, lyrical and hot emotional bars through intricate rhymes that sounded effortless. Never contrived and never soft, the Kid now remains beloved by underground and mainstream fans alike. Just like that his career now takes off .

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEpUYBE2hbA[/embedyt]

Watch out for Dizmo next song, hopefully featuring slap dee LOL

Download and share your thoughts!!



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