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Cleo Ice Queen, Bombshell & Salma Sky, Who Is The Hottest, Sexiest And Prettiest?

Cleo Ice Queen, Bombshell And Salma Sky

Battle of The Hottest, Sexiest and The Prettiest… Among three top Zambian female musicians of Zambia (Cleo Ice Queen, Bombshell and Salma Sky).. Who do you Guys think is the Hottest, Sexiest and The Prettiest?.

Who are you Voting for Guys?..Lets hear from you Guys… Rock n Roll.



Bombshell, Who The Is Sexiest And Prettiest?


2.Cleo Ice Queen

Cleo Ice Queen
Cleo Ice Queen, Who The Is Sexiest And Prettiest?

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3.Salma Sky

Salma Sky
Salma Sky, Who The Is Sexiest And Prettiest?

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