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Chef 187 Top 5 Music Secrets Of Success

What kind of musical evidence do you need to believe that Chef 187 is arguably the leading Zambian rapper today? In fact, most people who love music get amazed by what Chef 187 do as a rapper, because he does some musical magic which is mind-boggling!

Chef 187

Many people have sought to ascertain the success secrets of him in various ways, but my analytical study of Chef´s best Zambian rapper. His success secrets emanate from his tracks, profiles, news, and an amazing follower the artist has on social network like Facebook.

Here are some 5 success secrets of Chef 187 As advice to young Upraising Rappers:

(1) Be A Hustler!

Chef 187
He proudly claims that he found joyful hope in his hustle days, he came up with a name Kopala Sabala as a way to tell his story as a promising rapper some years back. He persevered in what he was doing as an unknown rapper despite the fact that he was occasionally turned down and lacked huge financial backing. You Can Also Download All Chef 187 Songs Here 

(2) Dream Bigger!

Chef 187
He had a huge dream to raise prominence years back and finally crossed all the limitations set for rappers here in Zambia. He had a vision of rising above the stars in rap!. Also Read: Chef 187 Wins Big At Kwacha Music Awards 2017

(3) Exude Uniqueness.
Be a unique artist, that’s what made him a very unique rapper in our music industry. That is why Chef is considered as the best rapper!

(4) Be Intelligent In Your Talent!

Chef 187
Many rap critics, have praised Chef for being able to rap off head within few minutes with sweet hardcore rhymes, mixed with musical logic. And this has made Chef 187 the king of Zed hip hop rap.

(5) Links And Connections.

Kondwani Kaira
CHEF 187

In Zambia today, Many people claim that the success of a talent and exposure is subject to networking, links and connections. This appears to be true because Chef´s musical success was somehow dependent on the formidable support of Macky.  Afterwards, managed to showcase his skill with hard bars and hooks.

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(Written By Mas B Zambia @ Echo Music Blog.Com)

Mr B

I stand at the highest level of music, I breath music, and Its an everyday endeavour to bring you classic tunes across African borders, including stories making headlines in the showbiz today. If it's about music, then I have you covered my class!

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