As promised, we bring you Zambian hip hop frontliner and multiple award-winning top Zambian artist, Chef 187. This post is specifically made for Chef 187 All Songs by Chef 187. Dedicated to his full time music, Videos, Articles, News & Albums.

Enjoy, as I will be taking you through this journey by constantly updating it with his latest songs. We strongly follow his music and we again understand just how much you need the latest Chef 187 Songs and Videos by Chef 187. This artist surely knows how to make great music by using his secrets of success read more about how he manages been on top of the music chain.

EchoMusicBlog.Com, been the platform that, “shares music with everyone” has taken up this opportunity in doing what most people forget and other websites. “Not appreciating good, fantastic and great music”. Seat back, enjoy Chef 187 All Songs and download the fruits of Chef 187. You can also check out latest music, songs, news, articles and albums by Chef 187.


Otherwise, Below Is a List For Chef 187 All Songs And Songs Chef Featured On Released In 2018 So Far. 

  • Shenky Shugah Ft Chef 187 – Moba

Shenky Shugah Ft Chef 187 - Moba
Shenky Shugah Ft Chef 187 – Moba


  • T Sean Ft Chef 187, Jay Rox & Bowchase – Speedometer Remix

"Speedometer Burn Up Remix"
“Speedometer Burn Up Remix” Ft Chef 187, Jay Rox & Bow Chase


  • Tonny Breezy Ft Chef 187 & Slap Dee – Hip Hop

Hip Hop
Tonny Breezy x Chef 187 x Slap Dee


  • Drifta Trek Ft Chef 187 – Ma Hip

    Ma Hip
    Drifta Trek Ft Chef 187 – Ma Hip


  • Chef 187 Ft Drifta Trek – January Blues

“Too much pressure for us the youths. Situations we going through in January OF 2018. And things don’t seem to get better, Unlike what we expected”. Via January Blues


  • Siimpo FT Chef 187 & Tonny Breezy – Fake Love

Siimpo ft. Chef 187 x Tonny Breezy – “Fake Love”

Ace kitwe based rapper siimpo hired the services of Zambia’s dominant rapper chef 187 himself and producer Tonny Breezy To help out with the hook of “fake love” .


Zambian music male leading Rn’B act F Jay collaborates with Chef 187 and singing bird Wezi in Manje Manje. This is a real Zambian African tune that you might wanna listen to. The track has a great dancing vibe as it features great Zambian artist.


  • Nez Long Ft Chef 187 And Bobby East – Van Damme

Nez Long
Nez Long – “Van Damme” Ft. Bobby East & Chef 187

Ace Rapper Nez Long, together with Chef 187 and bobby gave us this peace offering as an opener to Zambian hip-hop in 2018.


  • Mumba Yachi Ft Chef 187 – Muchalo

Mumba Yachi
Mumba Yachi – “Muchalo” ft. Chef 187

Chef and Zambia’s top vocal machine, Mumba Yachi. Bring us Muchalo. This is Mumba Yachi’s first ever single since he was deported back to Congo. Enjoy!!


has been one of the major artists on top of the Zambian music game. Never ceased to amaze his fans ever since he rose prominence.

since he rose to becoming a big artist. And many used to think less of him of him, but finally now only Good music comes from him.

No one made it to Highest without going through the lows. From that kid who was nothing, to selling out concerts across the country. Surely, Chef has come a very long way and Highest is a celebration of his achievements.


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