BFlow Visits Inmates For Christmas At Chimbokaila

B-flow Zambian musician during the ‘prison break ‘event that was organised by ZAM ,took time to visit the inmates on Christmas on a quest to give prisoners a break.

Check out his Facebook post:


B-flow narrated and said, having arrived at Chimbokaila Prison on Christmas day. He met with a very huge celebration by the inmates. Related: BFlow Invited By Barack Obama To Launch The Obama Foundation

According to BFlow, “One of the lessons to be learnt is that we must never take our freedom for granted. Hearing inmates chant their favourite slogan “one day pobo” (one day we shall be free) made him emotional.

Inmates thanked him and the Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) for visiting. Even if it was just a day, many prisoners stated and said they treasure what he had done.

And some prisoner, were given a chance to expose there talent by performing their own songs.


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