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BFlow Offers (KMA) Prize Money Towards The Purchase Of P-Jay’s Headstone

Zambian Popular dancehall and artist Brian Bweembya popularly knows as BFlow has come out to defend his name over accusations that some musicians that were close to the late PJay have neglected his legacy in a  press statement released Monday 16th October, 2017 in Lusaka.

BFlow has reacted to accusations from some sections of Zambian society that fellow musicians have neglected PJay after failing to erect a tombstone on his grave, BFlow said the accusations are unfair. Bflow stated in his statement saying, “I have noted with concern the speculative remarks and accusations made by several individuals on social media pertaining the late P-Jay’s tombstone.

Most people have accused me and others of fundraising for a tombstone but I have never said a word. The reason I have not been responding to the accusations is because I do not think it is good for me or anyone who has helped P-Jay’s family to start listing the things that we have done to help.

I have been quiet over this matter for three (3) years and the public has continued to take pictures and videos of P-Jay’s grave and putting them on social media to show the world the current state of the grave.

Firstly, I would like to clear my name by stating that I have never organized, attended or participated in any P-Jay memorial/fundraising concert, for personal reasons. It is saddening to read comments that mix my personal success and international tours with the P-Jay tombstone fracas. But why? I wonder.

Secondly, I wish to inform all fans of P-Jay’s music that I made numerous strides during and after the funeral to help raise funds for the family. Some people have alleged that I sold P-Jay CDs and t-shirts without handing over the money to the family.

My humble appeal to my strongest critiques on this issue is that instead of pointing fingers at B’Flow, Ruff Kid,  Mampi, Judy, Alpha Romeo, Macky 2,Bryan, Slap D, Kay Figo or any other artist that you say was close to P-Jay, why not offer your help if you really care about P-Jay’s legacy? I will always support P-Jay’s legacy in the best way possible.

I hereby offer the prize money from the 2017 KMA Best Humanitarian Award that I won last week towards the purchase of P-Jay’s headstone (not tombstone). If the family will give me a go ahead, I will make the purchase myself or through my team”.



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