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Become VS Ghetto President, What’s your favorite Album?

Pompi and Macky 2 are popular musicians in every corner of Zambia with a diverse fan base. And this year 2018, we have seen these two music legends unveil what one might rate as the best albums of the year. Pompi shared “Become” his third debut album, while Umupondo Macky 2 unveiled the long awaited masterpiece with his fans titled “Ghetto President”.

But the question is, which one do you think deserves to be the Album of the year between the two?? I will start by giving you some few insights about these projects before you vote. 

Become follows the previously released “Broken English” album by this musician. As usual its about emphasis on the Kingdom of God and the gospel of Christ. Songs in the album, include most loved jams like Silence, No Wele and Kapena. Read more

While Macky 2’s album “Ghetto President” in the showbiz has satisfied the needs of his fans and music lovers in Zambia. “Ghetto President” is the latest Album, since the last project “Zero To Hero”. He made sure it becomeS a DYNAMITE.  Read more

It seems that these musicians have definitely managed quenching the thirst in the hearts and wishes of the fans. Pompi of the Gospel side, we feel he has lived up to the expectation, and Macky 2 who took to his Face Book Page and stated that, the Album will include HIP HOP songs to meet the needs of the fans Read more.

So which Album do you think is the best??

Click Here To Purchase Become

Click Here To Purchase Ghetto President

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